Thursday, 3 January 2013

BATTLE of the Concealers

Hey everyone :)

I've decided to make this post after my  post, which a lot of people had found useful! And so, I thought I had a lot of concealers already that I've not reviewed before - which will be helpful for those seeking a new concealer!

Concealers I'll be reviewing:
Benefit Boi-ing
Soap & Glory "KICK ASS"
MAC Studio Finish
Maybelline 24hr Super Stay

Maybelline 24hr Super Stay:

I remember I purchased this a few years ago in the light shade, which was in fact too pale for me. And it broke me out like crazy. I didn't get acne that was cystic, but more like tons of red dots in the areas I used this concealer!

So I was reluctant to try it.

However I decided to repurchase it again in the correct shade, and it really is a great concealer for the price!
It's still a little bit too light, but it's great for lightening up areas like under the eyes and around the mouth.

I found that the texture of this is pretty thick, so it's great for building up coverage on areas that I need it.
But it's not so great on areas that are already dry, because it can make the area look rather caked and flaky.
So do remember to moisturise when using this!

I really do like this concealer though, as it stays put on the face for ages! And it conceals really well :)

Soap & Glory KICK ASS:

I bought this in the shade medium, and I was soo tempted to buy this as it comes with a corrector and a lightish powder too!

However I have only used the "Step 2" of this concealer (the section on the right) as that shade looks more like my skin tone. I use this to cover acne scarring and my under eyes.
I found that the "Step 2" paler colour corrector (left section) is too pale, and I really dislike the consistency of it! It's really thick, it doesn't stay put on the eyes, and I found that it clumps a little too after I try to set it. So I hardly ever use the left section.

Nonetheless, the right side of the concealer is one of my go-to concealers whenever I'm on the go. It's great for touch ups and whenever I need to cover something. The consistency of it is really smooth and it blends well onto the skin.

I love how this product comes with a small mirror and a powder compartment :)

You can see how pale the left side colour corrector is..


My sister actually bought this concealer - hence why it is a bit more tanned than the rest of the concealers I have haha!

I've found that despite this concealer being too tanned for me, it's a liquid form so it's easy to blend and apply several layers to achieve the coverage I want!
Obviously a powder is needed to set this concealer as it is a liquid haha.

But I like this concealer as it leaves the skin looking smooth, dewy and supple!

Benefit BOI-ING:

I was tempted to try this concealer as I saw it at the Benefit counter in Boots. And at the time, I only had a MAC concealer which I didn't want to use so frequently, so I decided to buy this!

The consistency of this is really really creamy, and if you use your finger to rub to get product out, it'll start to melt a little bit making it easier for you to apply this onto areas and blend it out well.
It covers acne quite well, although I'd say it has a medium coverage - so I need to apply more in to get a great flawless coverage!

I've found that this concealer is a little bit too salmon-toned for me - however it blends well and once it's blended in with my foundation, it's fine!

MAC Studio Finish:

This has to be the best concealer I've come across - well, also the Glamoflauge tattoo concealer. But comparing the two concealers, this MAC concealer is more available in England.

On to the review..
I've had this concealer for quite some time, which is amazing as it's a great coverage concealer that lasts for ages!
MAC are known to have so many shades that fit everyone, and I can honestly agree with that is this concealer is the closest match to my skin tone ever.

This concealer - like the BOI-ING concealer - melts nicely one you rub the concealer, so it blends smoothly and nicely on to the skin!
I've found that I don't need to apply so much of this concealer because in this case, less is more!

This has to be the concealer I use on a night out, or when it's a special occasion because I know that this covers everything! It also stays put on the face after long hours, and makes the face look flawless. Perfect for acne scarred skin like mine.

As you can see, this concealer is a little 'yellow-ish' but my face is actually quite pale haha! And this fits my skin tone nicely without adding extra pink or orange-ish colour.

With flash...

With artificial light

I hope you've liked this review and all of the swatches - and it has been somewhat helpful for you :)

~ xoxo


  1. Love your round ups like this. I have MAC studio finish and I find it too drying and it doesn't help that mine is way too dark. Really need to pass it on to someone else as it's just been sitting in my drawer x

    1. :D Thank you! I might be doing a Part 2 of this as I have more concealers which I hadn't included in this!
      Awww what really? Have you tried a nourishing cream? I sometimes find it a little oily depending on the season of the year, but it's been really good to me lately!
      I think it might depend on your skin type... but I know they have a range of different concealers so it's worth a try!

      It's a shame you got the wrong shade... have you tried mixing it with a lighter foundation?



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