Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Hey everyone :)

If you've read my blog from the start - or even if you know me in person - you will know that I have a HUGE passion for drawing and artwork! 
All of my life, I've been into drawing and doodling, and well.. I did study it for my GCSE and A-Levels but right now it's just a hobby.

A while ago, I was addicted to watching Miami Ink, and that Kat Von D's tattoos were amazing! As I really liked drawing portraits, and she tattoos portraits, she was a huge inspiration for me.
And so.. I bought her Tattoo Chronicles Book.

It's basically a year of tattoos and diary entries, and stories that clients have told her.. It's a great read and the typography is worth noting, as it looks super interesting!

A few bits out of the book..

I really like her sketches, and after reading through this book, I was inspired to sketch a lot more again (look below for my sketches :D)

I also like how she's included personal photos, it's definitely like a diary and it kinda establishes a connection between Kat Von D and the reader :)

So here are some sketches I did because I felt inspired :) 
Oh and, keep in mind that I drew some of these in 2011... (I promise I will start to sketch more!)

I love drawing eyes, as you can see haha!
Eyes are the best thing to draw.. and I'm always doodling eyes. Apparently someone who draws eyes is always thinking of the future, or looking forward to the future... something like that :P

The bottom right sketch of the pots and bottles was actually a tattoo sketch for my friend Rachael :)

And a few Lana Del Rey lyrics :P

I'm going to start doing more sketches soon, as it's one of the ways I get to express my feelings and emotions... and I find it really therapeutic 

~ xoxo

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