Saturday, 5 January 2013

7 Day Makeup Challenge - DAY 1

Hey everyone :)

I've decided to try the 7 Day Makeup Challenge, after seeing it on Dyna's blog. And I think that this would acutally be a challenge for me as my makeup usually consists of eyeliner and a lipstick hahaa!
So I'll be trying out different and new makeup during these 7 days, and creating different looks :)

But I'll be doing it with a twist, as I will be using two eye shadows too... just so that it gives me a chance to experiment with different colours... and well... stepping out of my comfort zone really!

I chose these two eye shadows by Vipera - I'm not sure the name of them though!
But the one on the left is a rusty sort of shade
and the one of the right is a gunmetal shade!

I found that the rusty shade didn't pick up well on to the brush, and when you see the photos, you'll be able to tell too.
I really loved that gunmetal colour as it was really pigmented, and it's great when used to create the dark intensity without using a black.

See, the rusty shade isn't really that great. I had applied that all over my lid - you can see it but it looks more brown than rusty. 
Then I had used the gunmetal shade as an eyeliner as I didn't want to use a black eyeliner.

I find that eye shadow looks waaaay more natural and softer on the eye.

Products used:
Clarins Everlasting Foundation
Body Shop All In One Base Powder
BROWZINGS Eyebrow Powder
Vipera Eyeshadow x 2
Soap & Glory 'Thick & Fast' mascara
NYC Lip Tint

This reddish-plum shade is soooo pretty, and I love using this shade of lip colour on a daily basis!!

I'm going to try my absolute bestest to post up a new makeup look everyday this week! And hopefully these looks will all be different and interesting! Haha :P

I'd love to see more bloggers take on this challenge and post different makeup looks :)

~ xoxo


  1. I really like this look! You look so pretty!

    I've just came across your blog and I really like it! Love your layout. If you want to check out my blog it is

    New follower.



    1. Awww thank you!!

      I'll have a looksie at your blog too :) Xx

  2. Those eye shadows looks gorgeous, never heard of that brand before! It's too bad the rusty colour doesn't show up quite as well cause it's such a pretty colour!
    You look so pretty!!

    1. I knoww, they are really lovely and they have eyeshadows in all colours! And I think it's a Polish brand?


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