Thursday, 31 January 2013

Playing with Tungsten; UPDATE

Hey everyone :)

The other day I got a bit bored and started playing with the White Balance on my camera, and well.. yeah.. here are a few shots I took!

I hadn't really tried anything other than AWB on my camera, so I used Tungsten, Cloudy and other ones included on there. There are some that give a blueish hue, and then some that make the photos look warm and reddish..

Oh! and I dyed my hair again the other week too with the Brownish shade I purchased a while ago and blogged about it! 
I added a little bit of powder bleach to it as I wanted my hair to look a little bit lighter - although it didn't make so much of a difference haha!

So many photos!

Arghh, okay so I have just sooo much work to do with my degree and I'm literally bombarded with essays and assignments and it's like ugh!
And well, I have literally just under 2 months to get everything completed as that is when I have most of my deadlines!

I've got a countdown thing on my phone where I have a ton of dates to remember... It's quite comforting to know that I am getting closer to the deadlines, and that it'll all be over soon :P

(btw, I'm writing this all up on Saturday 26th Jan - so that explains why my dates are a bit off to the day I actually post this post!)

~ xoxo

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

FAQ: My BBC Filming Experience

Hey everyone :)

Ever since I was featured in the Acne documentary on BBC Three, I have been asked a lotttt of questions. Most of the questions are pretty much the same, and so, I will answer them all here :) There are some that have a long answer to it, and some are quite basic!

Let's go! :D

Q: How did the BBC find you?
A: Well it was a broadcaster - Alex - who works part of Mentorn Media - they film for shows like An Idiot Abroad (and other stuff too haha!). And she came across My Acne Story post where I wrote about how I dealt with acne, and I guess it really fit in with the documentary :) It's pretty weird how something I wrote had been seen by a large organisation! They emailed me :)

Q: How did Mentorn get in contact with you?
A: They emailed me on my business email address, and gave me the documentary briefing. I remember when I got the email and I was like, "What... really? Is this for real?" As I end up getting a bit of spam through my emails. And all of the authenticity was there like Alex's number, and the company address and also a disclaimer thing at the end of the email address. So it was for real!
It wasn't until a few days after I talking to Alex, that I told my family. 

Q: What was filming like?
A: It was pretty nerve wracking at first, as I've never done anything like it before.. Well.. I've done mini YouTube videos before and I used to always cringe watching them. I don't know why haha!
But it was a lot different compared to filming just by yourself.
It was only Alex and her assistant - Patrick - who came to film, and they were really nice and helpful. They understood I was shy and whenever I had messed up, I was like, "Oh shit, sorry! I'll do that again" and they'd be like, "Oh it's alright, just take your time and try it again" :)

Q: How long did you film for? And where did you film?
A: We filmed over the weekend, from 11-6ish on Saturday, and 8-2ish on the Sunday. 
On the Saturday we filmed at my house, and then drove to Huddersfield. And on the Sunday, we filmed at my house again briefly, and then we went to Capital FM studios 

Q: Why wasn't the Huddersfield filming included in the documentary?
A: I have no idea, I'm guessing it's because this documentary was 10 minutes, and they'd just wanted a few shots of me in it. It's a shame though as we had some really awesome footage and our conversations were so funny! 

Q: How did it feel to see yourself on tv?
A: I was pretty much shitting it to be honest, as I was nervous to see myself looking like a an idiot haha, but it turned out a lot better than I had expected! And the shots looked really good!
My ending part I had to say something really cheesy like, "You only get one life so you have to live it!" or something like that, and when my family watched it, they were like, "Eh!? That doesn't sound like you at all!" hahaha :P

I hope this has answered your questions, and if you have anymore questions, leave me a comment!

~ xoxo

Lash Extreme Mascara REVIEW

Hey everyone :)

I recently bought this mascara after searching for a very inexpensive mascara.. and well.. I went to look in Bodycare. You know how they have their own little range of foundations, mascaras, nail polishes etc. And considering that this mascara was £1.50ish, I thought "what do I have to lose?"

I bought: Body Collection's Lash Extreme mascara

The mascara wand is plastic, and it's a very precise comb which is great as it manages to coat all of the lashes. I would usually prefer a bigger and thicker brush for more volume. 

So, I have really small and fine lashes... or so I think!

This is with one coat of mascara...

The product formula itself is quite watery.. rather than like other mascaras that are waxy or made up of fibres. This is a slight problem as it DOES run! So you may get panda eyes when you're walking in the rain or having a cry.

With two coats on :)

It creates a nice voluminous effect, and really lengthens my lashes!

What do you think of this mascara?

I'm quite impressed with the results of this mascara - especially for the price of it, definitely a bargain! I will be looking at the other mascaras at Bodycare once this mascara finishes :)

~ xoxo

Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Hey everyone :)

If you've read my blog from the start - or even if you know me in person - you will know that I have a HUGE passion for drawing and artwork! 
All of my life, I've been into drawing and doodling, and well.. I did study it for my GCSE and A-Levels but right now it's just a hobby.

A while ago, I was addicted to watching Miami Ink, and that Kat Von D's tattoos were amazing! As I really liked drawing portraits, and she tattoos portraits, she was a huge inspiration for me.
And so.. I bought her Tattoo Chronicles Book.

It's basically a year of tattoos and diary entries, and stories that clients have told her.. It's a great read and the typography is worth noting, as it looks super interesting!

A few bits out of the book..

I really like her sketches, and after reading through this book, I was inspired to sketch a lot more again (look below for my sketches :D)

I also like how she's included personal photos, it's definitely like a diary and it kinda establishes a connection between Kat Von D and the reader :)

So here are some sketches I did because I felt inspired :) 
Oh and, keep in mind that I drew some of these in 2011... (I promise I will start to sketch more!)

I love drawing eyes, as you can see haha!
Eyes are the best thing to draw.. and I'm always doodling eyes. Apparently someone who draws eyes is always thinking of the future, or looking forward to the future... something like that :P

The bottom right sketch of the pots and bottles was actually a tattoo sketch for my friend Rachael :)

And a few Lana Del Rey lyrics :P

I'm going to start doing more sketches soon, as it's one of the ways I get to express my feelings and emotions... and I find it really therapeutic 

~ xoxo

Friday, 25 January 2013

Hey there..

Hey everyone :)

So it's been a week since I last posted, as I wanted to take time off blogging to gain more inspiration and focus on my University work.
I've been given like 1000000 deadlines, and I honestly feel like I'm bombarded with too many :( I'm in the process of making a schedule plan for getting coursework done, and if I stick to by it, I'll be able to get my work done and have a lot of time to spare towards the end of the year :)

So what's happened recently?

A lot of things! I had a presentation today for Magazine Design, and well, I'm pretty crap at giving presentations haha. I just like producing pieces of work and getting it over and done with!


I've joined a gym too :) as I'm slowly getting into a healthy eating and fitness routine. I really want a toned body and to lose a few kg's! I will blog more about my health and fitness, and my diet plans too to share with you guys! I'm determined to lose weight, so I'll document my progress :) 
Hopefully it will be of help to you all!

It's started snowing again really heavily tonight, and I'm kinda glad that it's today rather than on a week day. As I'd be hellllllllllaaa pissed off having to trek to uni in this weather haha!

Does it look foggy?
Well... that's the snow!

Gonna retire now as it's late and I'm literally falling asleep writing this entry up!

I have a lot of blog posts to come, and I'll have to juggle this blog around my assignments and get most of them out of the way during the next month :)

~ xoxo

Monday, 14 January 2013


Hey everyone :)

A while ago I had realised that I don't actually own a full on red lipstick.. I have peaches, pinks, beiges. But not an actual red.

And well, I didn't want to splash out a lot of money on a red lipstick - with it being my first ever red lippy. I want to try out different shades that suit me.

So, I stumbled upon "Ruby Red" by Collection in Superdrug. This lipstick is around £3, which is decent compared to other lipsticks like £6+ by other drugstore brands. It's quite a reasonable price :)

As you can see, the colour is really bold and striking!

This lipstick is wearable as a tint (when you dab the product onto the lips for a natural finish)  but it's also wearable with a cat eye wing liner on a night out.

I'd say the formula isn't creamy.. so if you have chapped lips then make sure you moisturise them first :)

It's really pigmented and it has quite a matte finish! I think this is a really great buy for my first ever red lipstick!

I've heard a lot of great reviews about Collection (or Collection 2000) products, including their concealers and foundations, I will probably purchase a product in the future and review it :)

~ xoxo

Sunday, 13 January 2013


Hey everyone :)

Did you guys know that the MUA UNDRESSED palette has been claimed to be a dupe of the Urban Decay NAKED palette?
Similar name, right?

My sister was so kind enough to give me this palette as I don't have any eyeshadows that are neutral like this, and she already has a lot of Urban Decay stuff :) haha.
So I've been playing around with the colours and trying to see which colours look great together and how I can achieve different looks.

The shades are similar to the ones in the NAKED palette :) 

I found that the top third eyeshadow didn't transfer that well when I was doing swatches :( I don't know why..

But as you can see, most of these shades are quite shimmery but there are matte shades too. They range from beiges, to golds, to coppers, to dark browns and smokey greys/black.

All of these colours are lovely and wearable on a daily basis and also for a night out.

I used the gold/bronze shimmery shade along the inner third of the eye - and I really love this shimmery colour as it gives the eyes that 'pop' of colour :)

I then mixed the dark brown and (second to last) smokey black shade along the crease, to create a deep smokey look!

Have you tried this palette?

~ xoxo
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