Sunday, 9 December 2012


I've been so productive and I've written up around titles and ideas for exactly 63 blog posts haha! I've been writing them up during the past month during uni, and I have over a month to write them all up now, so now you know the kinda stuff that will be coming up soon! 

So it's a bunch of makeup reviews - I've got sooo many products I'm wanting to review! University related posts, a few videos. A couple of Christmas related fashion and makeup posts, and a couple to end the year with! 

I'm so excited to keep posting loads, and just keeping you guys updated with the things going on in my life! :)

And maybe this will help you guys if you have blogs, and you're wanting ideas for future posts! :D

Keep checking back on my blog as I'll be posting everyday with new content! Yayyyyy :D

~ xoxo

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