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The BATTLE of the Foundations

Hey everyone :)

I've bought SO many foundations of different brands during the past year, and trying them out has made me aware of what kind of foundations are suited to different skin types - as well as my own! And I have a huge selection of foundations, and some I wear on a daily basis, and others I wear on a special occasion as they provide a heavier coverage and lasts longer on the face.

A lot of people have been asking me advice lately when they want to buy a new foundation, and I want to share my advice with you all :) 

And also, my foundation reviews will hopefully be helpful for you!

These are the foundations that I will be reviewing:

So first things first:
I have acne prone skin, and I've suffered from acne for around 6/7 years now. And the reviews on these foundations will be based on how the product reacts with my skin, how well it covers up acne and scarring, and also it's shade.
My shade is around MAC's NC30/35, and these foundations are somewhat close to that shade haha :)

Soap & Glory 'Show Good Face'

I bought this foundation in the shade "Naked In The Shade", and I remember that this was the foundation I bought during the first month of my first year of University. 
At that time, I was sooo addicted to Soap & Glory makeup, and I really wanted to try out this foundation.

So this is basically a foundation and primer in 1, and I actually tested this shade (and the shade lighter) on the back of my hand - whilst I was in Boots yay.
And the main trick is: When you try a foundation and you want to see if it matches you, try it on like the side of your jawline - as it won't be noticeable if it's a different shade - and walk outside into natural light. The flourescent lighting in most shops can be quite deceiving and make you look a different colour! 

I LOVE this foundation!

It's one of those that I apply when my skin is needing something light, but still requires the coverage to hide my blemishes. It blends in really well to my skin, and makes my skin look radiant and healthy
I bought this foundation in a shade that is a little tanned for me, however it's fine when I wear it in the summer!

I would say the coverage is quite medium yet buildable, as one layer is enough to hide minor blemishes. However you will need to build up another layer to conceal the remaining visible blemishes.

This foundation is great for long days - so those who are busy for long hours will love this!

I found that this foundation didn't cause me to break out or anything, and it made my skin remain supple even during the harsh wintery weather!
Although I did need to apply powder along my T-Zone area as it did become a little shiny during the day!

Nonetheless, this is an awesome foundation and I will definitely be re-purchasing this when mine finishes :)

Maybelline FIT ME

I recently bought this foundation and I made a thorough review on it here.

However I want to add a couple more things:
When I wore this foundation for a long amount of time - say 6+ hours - I felt that the foundation had melted off. Like all of my scarring became visible and I'd needed to reapply the foundation again.
I also found that my T-zone became VERY oily during this time, and the foundation obviously melted away in the areas where it was oily.

With the Fit Me foundation, I love how it's a gel based foundation - so those of you who are suffering from acne will benefit from using this foundation, as it is super light and won't make you break it - well it didn't break me out.

When I first went to Boots to check out this foundation, I noticed that shade 225 was more pinkish rather than yellow toned :S So I felt like I had taken a risk purchasing the shade 220. However, this shade is my definite match and this foundation blends in effortlessly! It really does 'Fit Me' hahahahah.
Gosh, that was lame.

L'Oreal True Match

I reviewed this foundation here

I'd seen several reviews on this foundation, and a lot of people had said that there were so many shades and I couldn't resist buying this! Haha!

I can't remember which shade this was, but it's a biiiiit too light for me, however I can apply some bronzer and stuff so it looks like my own skin shade :)

So this is one of my most used foundations, as it provides medium coverage without making my skin look or feel cakey. It's really light, and it makes your skin feel soft as well as making it look healthy and smooth!!
When using this foundation, you can build layers of it to add more coverage to your skin in areas you want it. Which is great if you suffer from acne scarring like me!

I like how this foundation has pretty good lasting power, as it manages to stay put on my face for 6+ hours without it melting off.

Clarins Everlasting Foundation

I also reviewed this foundation here.

I bought this foundation earlier this year as I went to the Clarins counter and asked the lady who worked there, that I was looking for a foundation which gave good coverage and works well with acne prone skin.

This foundation, too, is a liiiiittle bit light for me too (kinda salmon based shade rather than warm yellow), however I love this foundation!
It's quite thick and creamy in consistency, but not too thick that it blocks your pores. It provides excellent coverage over scarring, and you don't need to apply loads of layers!

This foundation, too, lasts for a long amount of time, and could possibly last for up to 12 hours... after all, it is Everlasting... hahahah!

Oh, and it smells quite nice too haha :)

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum/Gel

This too, I reviewed in another post which you can read here

This is the foundation that I bought in September-ish, and this is the one which I take with my to University in case I need to reapply my makeup.
The coverage on it is great for an everyday makeup - so it's around 7/8 out of 10 rating - however it doesn't cover acne scarring really well. You will need to apply a second layer or more in order to hide scarring.

Despite the light/medium coverage, this foundation claims to be healthy for you, as it contains like pomegranate and goji berries. This foundation doesn't break me out, nor does it make my skin oily or anything! So I give it credit for that :)

However, it doesn't have very long lasting power, as I feel that after 4 or 5 hours, my makeup looks like it's faded and my acne scarring is really visible again.

Natural Collection - Tinted Moisturiser


Okay so I know this is a tinted moisturiser, but it can be used as a foundation too.

So this is around £1.99 - which isn't bad at all! - however the formula of this isn't up to my standards. I feel that this doesn't provide great coverage compared to other tinted moisturisers I own.

The colour is fine for me...

However, this makes my skin breakout and makes it really oily, which is poop :(
AND, it accentuates dry skin! So if you have like really bad dry skin, and you're wanting to cover acne scarring too - then this is definitely not your ideal product.

I know a lot of people have said that they really like this product, however I've found that this doesn't suit my skin. This is definitely a product which I will have to throw away.

L'Oreal Infallible

Okay so this has to be the least used foundation I own.

I had bought it a year ago when I was in London, and it was reduced in price at an International Market thing. And my auntie told me to get this shade, simply because that is the shade which she uses.

However, this shade is pretty yellow for me, making me look super tanned! I tried it on and instantly I felt like I had been messing around with fake tan on my face or something haha!

But the coverage is pretty decent on this, and the texture of it is quite creamy. I would say that this foundation does cover scarring, however it's not a high coverage foundation. So this is good for someone who has quite clear skin and maybe wants to cover up redness or a slight discolouration.

REVLON Colour Stay 

This too, is a foundation which is one I haven't used much.

The reason I got this foundation is because I had seen a couple reviews on it and people were raving about it, and my sister too had bought it so I decided to try it out.

The one thing I dislike about this foundation is that it's in a bottle. Like there isn't a pump or anything, and I prefer foundations with a pump. So you kinda have to spill a load of it onto your hand haha.

However, this foundation has a pretty thick consistency so the coverage on this is AMAZING, as it really does cover up scarring and marks.

The down side about this foundation is that it does accentuate dry skin! So if you have dry patches on your face then you may need to reconsider this foundation.
And also, when you apply another layer of this foundation on top of a layer, then it does start to look a little cakey.

All of the swatches...

I hope you have found this review helpful! And if you have any questions, just write them in the comment box below and I will reply as soon as I can! :)

~ Xoxo


  1. wowww fantastic overview! I took photos with all the foundations on my face for my foundation post but I wasn't happy with them and haven't had the chance to go back. Think I'll go for hand swatches this time. Great job :)

    1. Awww you should do it! and thank you! :) xx

  2. finding the right foundation can be such a mare! thanks this was so helpful. Think I might splurge on a Loreal or MAC one xx


    1. I know!! It's taken me so many purchases to find the right one! Ooh good luck! :) xx

  3. great reviews- i've tried so many foundations im tired of. I, like you have acne scars but don't like a thick, cakey, dry look which some full coverage makeups offer. i've tried MAC and hate it!! so cakey and shows all your dry bits, also MAC satin finish, is too oily feeling and looks like you've put glitter on your face rather than a natural dewy look.
    Thanks for your reviews!!!


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