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RMK Makeup Products Review ~

Hey everyone :)

I had been shopping in Manchester's Trafford Centre not so long ago and I was so curious about RMK products - as it's a Japanese brand - and I decided to try out their products.
The lady at the counter was sooo lovely! And she completed my entire makeup look (full coverage look with mascara!) for free, and she was so talkative and liked my Hello Kitty necklace haha :P

She was sooooo kind enough to give me a load of samples including the ones she used on me!

Control Colour x2
Extra Brightening Serum
Makeup Remover
Creamy Foundation - Shade 103 
Creamy Polished Base
Skin Tuner

This makeup remover is really awesome, despite me only having a little amount in this bottle, it works wonders!
You don't need a lot of the makeup remover solution to get rid of makeup, or left over mascara around the eyes. 

This is a sort of 'prep' for the skin before you apply the base. 
I'm not entirely sure which SkinTuner this was, as you can buy different ones for different skin types (e.g Whitening or Pore Minimizing.

But here is what one of the SkinTuners aims to do:
"A pore minimizing moisturizer to drench the skin thoroughly, whilst treating pores and exfoliating the rough surface. It works to replenish and condition for a lasting satin-touch. Light typehas a soothing watery texture which leaves a clean application, whilst its refreshing Lavender and Lemon scent unwinds the stressed skin. Moist type has a syrup texture to enwrap and condition to keep a dewy moist finish. Scented with a blend of Apricot, Bitter Lemon and Rosemary.
- Pump 3 or 4 times on your dry hands or cotton and apply over the face.
- When using with the cotton, apply the moisturizer from the centre of your face and outwards. Lastly gently wrap and push into your face with palms for deeper penetration.

Royal Jelly Extract (Moisturizing)
β Carotene (Moisturizing)
Xylobiose[Young Bamboo sheath] (Moisturizing)
Apricot Extract (Moisturizing)
Alpha-hydroxy acid (Exfoliation)
Rosemary Extract (Firming)"

I applied this on to my face and it's really light and refreshing! It doesn't leave the skin feeling sticky or anything, and it absorbs straight into the skin quickly.
I LOVE the smell of this, as it's fruity and zesty... like oranges and summer fruits! Haha! I don't quite know how to describe it, but it just reminds me of summer.

The Extra Brightening Serum is great for acne skin like mine, as it aims to create a flawless luminous complexion over time. Perfect if you have uneven skin tone and acne scarring!

This serum is light too, although it's thicker than the SkinTuner - it's an extra bit of prep before applying makeup :)

"This Brightening essence has a revolutionary blend of 13 ingredients that treats the skin on every level to achieve the fresh luminous complexion. It suppresses the Melanin which led to unwanted pigmentation, retrains various substances and causes that diminish our skin clarity. It also refines, stimulates, firms and moisturizes the skin, creating a visibly clearer, brighter and most important healthier skin. Scented with lemon twists and grapefruit to revitalize your skin.
- Use twice a day after moisturizing.
- Apply 2-3 pumps of essence over your face.
- Gently wrap and add pressure with your palms for deeper penetration.

Yeast Extract (Moisturizing)
Kyonin Extract (Moisturizing)
Flower Herb Extract (Moisturizing)
YUZU Extract (Moisturizing)
Lemon Extract (Moisturizing)
Stearyl Glycyrrhetinate (Anti-inflammatory)"

I applied a liiiiitle bit too much onto my hand haha! But it has a velvety texture and it applies smoothly onto 
the skin.

These Control Colours are used to even out your complexion, as this comes in different these two shades plus Blue.
However I wasn't too keen on these, as they added shimmer to the skin which can give an appearance of 'greasy' skin... 
And I wasn't too keen on the shades which this came in, as No2 was quite pink, and No1 was pale... I think this is mostly for salmon based skin tones rather than my Indian skin tones haha!



These are Creamy Polished Bases in shades 02 and 00
I quite liked these as it was kinda like an extra bit of coverage for my acne scarring! It covered a little but not so much, and I was able to build this base up for more coverage. 
I love how these RMK skin products are kinda watery in consistency - making it less likely for skin to appear cakey.

You can see how shimmery the Control Colour was! Eeeek!

The Polished Base 02 was PERFECT for my skin shade!!!! 
I absolutely love it!

About the Polished Bases:
"Made with a blend of three powder particles in different sizes and shapes to cover all kinds of unevenness on the skin surface. Its creamy texture delivers an even and moisturizing veil, leaving your skin supple within and a polished half matt touch on the surface. Choose from 00 to filter for a perfect translucency, and 01 or 02 helps to brighten the complexion."

00 and 02

These blend in really nicely and don't create any different shades on your face, haha! It blends in seamlessly and your skin doesn't feel like it's got too much product on it.

This is the Creamy Foundation in Shade 103 - and I LOVE this foundation! I'm not trying to exaggerate or anything, but it is probably the best and closest match to my original skin tone, and this foundation just looks like my own skin! It's really awesome!

Despite this foundation being 'creamy', It's not really creamy at all... and I mean that in a good way!
I don't like using foundations that are creamy, as they're usually quite thick in consistency... and I end up breaking out a little when my face has thicker products on.

But this foundation has a nice consistency, making it easier to blend and also layer too, for better coverage!

Even with all of the skin prep on before hand, I found that my skin didn't feel like it had 'too much going on' haha!

I really really want this foundation!


With a little bit of mascara and brown eyeshadow..
I hadn't used any concealer or anything, only the RMK products to show you how it all looks :)

Have you tried RMK products? Do you like them as much as I do? 
Haha :)

~ xoxo


  1. I really like the consistency of the foundations they do!
    Great post x

    1. Yeppp they're of a really great quality :) xx

  2. ooh thanks for this first look! i really want to try to extra brightening serum
    ps the fruit tuner is the whitening one :) | UK beauty blog



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