Saturday, 29 December 2012

POST-Christmas Gifts ❤

Hey everyone :)

I've been meaning to write this up for a few days now, as I had received gifts and bought lots after Christmas!! :) And I wanted to show you them all!
I did write about the presents I got in my Christmas post, but I'll be writing more about them in depth here.

I'm going to start off with accessories/clothing items I got for Christmas:

Soap & Glory - Crazy Sexy Kohl

Ahhh I was so excited when I opened my presents to find this! (Well, I was excited opening all of my presents as they're so awesome :D) I've been looking at this Soap & Glory eye makeup set for a while now and curious as to what it's all like!
I've bought their eye pencil duo and liquid liner - but that's about as far I've gone with the S&G eye makeup products.

These shades are so lovely! They're quite glittery but not TOO glittery -
and they can be worn with any item of clothing. I love the bronze/plum-ish and beige shade on it's own, as it looks really casual.
The black eye shadow is really smokey!

I love these eye shadows as they're so pigmented, and I am definitely going to be using this lots!

It comes with 5 eyeliners in different shades too...
Metallic Green
Metallic Blue
Metallic Purple

These eyeliners are so creamy and rub onto the skin so smoothly! It's AMAZING! It's great for sensitive eyes and if you don't like rubbing hard on your eyes..

It reminds me of the Urban Decay eyeliners too :)

I suppose the purple eyeliner could be a little more on the reddish/pinkish side, as it looks sort of blueish :(

Black Clutch Bag

I was so happy that my sister bought me a clutch bag - that goes with every outfit! - as the other clutches I have are literally too small to even fit my phone in. So I always end up resorting to leaving my phone with someone else.. which is poops haha!

But she bought me this bag which I can fit a lot of things in, and it still looks classy and chic :)

It comes with a strap too so I don't always have to carry it around in my hand

So now... onto things I bought in the Boxing Day sales!

Ultra Soft Super Skinny Jeans

These jeans were on sale - £5 at Primark! 
And I don't have any jeans that are coloured.. I mainly have greys or blacks...or regular denim shades.

So I had to snatch up a pair of coloured jeans at this price!

Despite these being a size 10 - and size 10 are baggy ob me - these are hugging!
It says it's super skinny, and it IS super skinny... like it really fits around my legs. It makes a change from the baggy skinny jeans I've got haha.

With my New Look heels :)

As you can see, it's really fitting around my calves.

Purple Peplum Skirt

The next thing I got from Primark was this lovely purple Peplum skirt for an amazing £3!!!!

This is the first thing I've ever gotten that is a peplum stlye, and after seeing tons of friends with peplum outfits - I just wanted one!

This is a beautiful colour too :)

Haha I was wearing a T-Shirt too so I was trying to hold it up :P 

The frilly bit at the top is really cute - I love the material of this too, it's kinda stretchy and thick, and it looks really classy... I'll probably wear this to an interview or something :)

Lacey LBD

I went into New Look to find that the rails had literally been emptied!! And I honestly thought that I wouldn't find anything :'(

But I came across this really cute lacey black dress! Which was in my size, and it had was 50% off! Perfect.

It's a liiiittle bit short, but I really like it though. It's light and easy to wear.. and I can wear this with a nice coloured blazer, or a denim jacket or something.

It's the kind of dress that can be dressed up, or dressed down :)

Excuse my hair haha! It's all fluffy because I washed it last night, and it gets a whole load of volume :P

It's really pretty and lacey :) it reminds me of dresses ladies wear when dacing Tango... well... not so frilly :P

These are the things from Christmas / Boxing Day! And I hope you liked reading through this entry and seeing what I've bought!

Did you buy anything in the sales?

~ xoxo


  1. Tht soap & glory make-up kit is actually amazing! the colours are so pigmented, think i need to get this for starting the new year :D

    i love your pink colour jeans too, they fit you perfectly :)

    found your blog via twitter :) new follower too! :)


    1. It is!! Awww do get it, you can't go wrong with it!

      And thank youuuuu!! You're so lovely!


  2. I haven't seen this soap and glory makeup kit before and it looks gorgeous! I'm definitely going to get it!

    Kimberley x


    1. Yepp, I think it was especially for Christmas.. but it's definitely worth buying! xx

  3. I've never seen that Soap & Glory kohl set, it looks so useful! Wow! You are stunning! I am in love with your style, it is so effortless and unique and I can really relate to it too. I've been scrolling through some of your older posts and wow you have one incredible wardrobe! Definitely following you now, I really can't wait to read your new posts! Happy new year!

    Love from, Miss Iffa

    1. It is! Ilove it, I haven't stopped using it since I received it haha!
      Awwww thank you, you're so kind!!! <3


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