Wednesday, 12 December 2012

My Perfect Imperfections

Hey everyone :)

I've seen so many YouTubers do this tag, and I really wanted to do it, however I wanted to blog about it instead of filming haha!
And I'm not entirely sure on how they do this tag, I think it's 3 things that are "imperfect" and 3 things that are "perfect"

I guess this is a good way of getting things out in the open, about this that I'm quite self conscious about haha, and supposedly make me feel that slight bit better coz it's something I'm aware of.
So if anyone was to be like, "Blah, your _______ are crooked" (I don't know haha!) and I can just be like "Andddd what?! Take a picture, it'll last longer". That sort of thing.

I mean, who is that sad enough to keep picking out your flaws, like, do they not have anything better to do with their lives? Are they that perfect that they can go around and judging people on their appearances? Hmmm.... I think not!

Anyway, let's get on with the 3 imperfections:

1) This is a no brainer, my nose.
I was bullied for it loads during high school, and I'm still conscious about it to this day, and it affects how I take my photos and how I take my photos.
Yeah I'm not oblivious to it, it is bigger than others. But so what..

Have you noticed, I always take photos at an angle like this:

I always find that one side of my nose is fine, and the other side isn't so... fine haha!

So this is kinda how it looks when I do my "pose smile". 

How it is when I relax..

And this is how it is full on....

And this was taken a few years ago, but this is the left side:

So yeah, that's my first "imperfection".

2) MY second imperfection is obviously going to be my skin.
Yeah, my acne has to be one of my flaws which prevents me from taking photos without makeup, and I have to put on a load of makeup to cover it all.

I guess I'm not too fussed about it right now as my acne is going and so are my scars, however I know that this time last year, I was so insecure about it.

This was taken a few months ago... today this side of my face is waaaay clearer although I still have a few blemishes. So it is a fact that my skin is clearing up!!! Yayyyy :)

3) My third imperfection would have to be my front top right tooth.
Yeah I don't have a photo of this though haha. 

But what happened was when I was around 9ish and in Primary school (I'm guessing Elementary school for those of you outside of the UK). I was in the playground with my friends, and some IDIOT kid who was running around the playground - which he did every single day, at every single break time - pushed me over. Basically I fell flat on my face and luckily I didn't break anything too serious... But I did break half of my front tooth....
Well it's not half. It's like the crown bit of my tooth so it's not major.

Anyway it's not that bad because I don't like smiling with my teeth out hahaha!

So, now to make myself feel a lot better: 

3 "Perfections"

1) My eyes:
And no, I'm not talking about the eye colour or anything because it's not that special, but I really like my eye shape haha. 
Like when I was 14/15, I only knew about eyeliner being on the water line - which made my eyes look really small and I hated wearing eyeliner!! However, I found out about wearing it on the top lash line and I prefer that!

2) My second "Perfection" is my lips.
I don't know why they this is one of my favourite features, but I do just like how they look :) I know one of my friends in high school really wanted lips like mine because she always complained that hers were too thin and looked thinner once she put on a vibrant lip colour on.

3) My third and last "perfection" would have to be my fingers/nails.
This is also a weird one haha, but I have quite skinny fingers - last year Natalie told me I had skeleton fingers? :S haha - but I really like them so :P
And also my nails, when they grow out, look really good too.... OMG I feel like I'm being so vain!

I'm not! Haha!

Just these features make up for the loss of my 'imperfections' haha :P

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this post? 
And I really want others to do this tag too!! And link me to them :) 

Its a good way of kinda feeling better about yourself by acknowledging the factors you don't like - and that you're okay with it :) And also talk about factors you do like :)

~ xoxo


  1. Great post :) We all have imperfections but when we look at the bigger picture they're so insignificant because we're all great people :)!


    1. Aww that's true! Afterall, they don't really matter, what's on the inside counts more! :) Xx


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