Friday, 7 December 2012

My December Wishlist ~

Sorry for the delay on this post guys, it's been an incredibly rough week at University and finishing all of my deadlines. And I'm really glad to say that I have no more deadlines for 2012! Yayayayay!!!
Although I'm still in the mood to work, and I keep thinking that I have so much work to do when I don't? :S

And despite it being 7 days into December, I'm still going to make a wishlist for this month :)

1) The BIG 100:
As you may already know from reading recent posts, my blog's 1st birthday is coming soon... it's on the 18th December and my main goal/wish is to reach 100,000 views!! I'm like less than 4,000 away and I think I can reach it!
It means the world to me that you all are reading my blog, it tells me that I am an awesome blogger whose blog is worth reading! Hahaa!

So yeah, that is my own main wish for December.

2) An awesome Christmas:
I've already got my main Christmas present that I've been wanting since last Christmas, so I'm not too fussed about presents.

My baby: Canon 1100D

 However the one thing I'd love is to have an AWESOME Christmas, with lots of food and fun! 
A load of my family and relatives are coming to my house this year and I know it's going to be really fun and memorable. We're going to be having a 70s theme costume, and something something... I don't know, my sister has planned it all haha! I just know it's going to be busy and fun!

3) Leave 2012 and enter 2013 with a positive mood!
Another main thing of this month is the New Year! I'll be doing a round-up post of all of the highlights moments from 2012, and just reflect back on the amazing things that have happened!
I know a load of people are like, "New year, new me!" and I'm not going to say any of that shit haha. I just know that 2013 will have a LOT of amazing things in store, and it will definitely be my year to shine!

4) Continue being happy and thankful for everything that has come my way! :)
I really know blogging will bring me a ton of new opportunities and experiences, and I will definitely keep up with blogging and push it even further, as I want to start doing more YouTube stuff too! So keep an eye out for that :)
I want so many different experiences for 2013 and the rest of my life, so I'll work hard everyday to make all of my goals and dreams come true!

A short post, but I have TONS more coming up! I'll be posting a new list of goals for 2013, highlights of 2012, and also a lot of makeup and skincare reviews to do with winter and Christmas!

Hope you're all having a lovely week!

~ xoxo

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