Monday, 10 December 2012


Hey everyone :)

So I've been taking my camera around a lot lately, and I've come across a couple of difficulties so far.

1) I'm too lazy to drag my wire around with me - even if it's from the kitchen (where it's so comfy to blog!) to my bedroom (that's like 12 steps away because I live on the ground floor).

2) I actually take TOO MANY damn photos! The other day when I was at the Festival of Light, I happened to fill up my 4GB memory card and I was so pissed off, so I had to delete a bunch of photos I'd taken earlier (like around 35 pics) but still that wasn't enough. 

So, these are things I need to buy:

I just realised that this isn't exactly a wishlist if I'm going to buy all of these myself haha! Oh well :)

And hopefully with this memory card, I will be able to take just over 2,500 photos :D and I won't take ages to upload them and share them with you guys on here! 

Because currently I've done a foundation review... well.. I reviewed around 7 foundations and I'm either going to review them in separate posts, or in posts depending on how much I like them. And I have so many photos but they're on my camera and my wire is somewhere else!

Oh well, this post will be up during the week :)

Some random pics :D

I caught Nemo yawning, it's sooooo cute! Haha!

And... a few of my baby photos!

Hahahaa, I look so chubby!

And a couple photos of the fire lantern things from the Festival of Light. I'm really impressed at how these photos had come out. They're not blurry or anything, so I'm really happy with the results :D

Anyway I hope you guys are having a great day!

~ xoxo

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