Monday, 17 December 2012

Dinner @ The Dexter

Hey everyone :)

The other night I went out for a pub meal. 
Firstly let me clarify, when I mean The Dexter, it's not an average pub where there are drunken men watching a football match, or any of that sort. It's quite a classy pub which reflects the area it's in. And well, I'd rather call it a bar/restaurant as you can get really yummy food there.

It's been a while since I last went there, and I only went considering I've hardly been anywhere with my mum and sister to eat since I've started University again. So it was great :)

I haven't taken a photo like this in ages! Haha! 

And sorry for the low quality of these photos as I didn't take my SLR. Ah well :)

I wore a huge knitted sweater and blue jeans, so I was keeping it really casual. The only times I dress up more, is if it's a special occasion like a birthday, or when it's a super fancy restaurant and I know that there will be loads of people and photos etc haha!

I remember taking this photo inside the bathrooms, and some lady walked in and I was like O_O and just legged it hahahaha! Awkward!

It's a really nice place with red, brown and cream interiors and spotlights. Oh and, there are tons of paintings around in the building too, and that kinda adds to the extravagance of the place, don't you agree?

After we made the first order.. 
I've now got a habit of just getting water whenever I go out to eat, I don't know why haha! The only drinks I have are water or tea!

I ordered this:
1/2 BBQ Chicken that was glazed with like honey and BBQ sauce! SO yummy!!
The skin was crisp to perfection, it had that sweet taste but it also had the smokey taste too... and the chicken was really succulent.
It came with thick chips, salad, creamy coleslaw and BBQ sauce :)

For dessert, I ordered:
Warm Belgian waffle topped with a scoop of Vanilla ice cream, a scoop of whipped cream, a lot of maple syrup and icing sugar powder!

~ xoxo


  1. I can almost taste that chicken...


  2. That pub reminds me of one I would go to with friends once or twice a term during my university years. I agree with Karla - that chicken looks delicious!


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