Monday, 10 December 2012

Christmas Hoody, anyone?

Hey everyone :)

I'm actually in the Christmas spirit  right now... well sort of. After completing all of my assignments - I had one today too! :( - I can finally start to relax and look forward to the holiday month ahead :)

So I'm gonna cut this post short, and just talk about my super cute Rudolph hoody I bought last month from New Look!

I LOVE wearing hoodies around this time of month, as it's just so super comfy and warm, and it's best to keep warm during this weather! (Speaking of weather, it was snowing today in Leeds!!)

It's so cute!!! It has the big reindeer eyes (it's a velvet fabric which can make wool cling on to it :/) and the nose is filled with red rhinestones! Sooo cute!

Yep... This is going to be filled with a LOT of photos haha!

A closer look at the top :)

LOOK IT'S GOT ANTLERS!!!!! How cute is that?!!?!?
I think this was one of the main reasons I bought it, it's so cute and warm and snuggly, and it looks SUPER cute.

Oh, and I'm wearing the GEO Nudy Quarter Brown lens :)

Okay, that's enough of the photos! Haha :)

What do you think of the hoody?

Have you bought anything 'Christmassy', or are you in the Christmas mood?

~ xoxo


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