Thursday, 20 December 2012


Hey everyone :)

For the second "Christmas Countdown" post, I will be talking Christmassy nails!

Now for me, I love doing my nails but having a busy University schedule, I haven't been able to keep up with painting and looking after my nails.
But I can make an exception for Christmas ;)

I've created two different looks:

I was watching 8 Simple Rules at the time! I MISS that show!

So this first design is really simple, I used Seche nail polish in "Irresistible" - and the amazing thing about the polish is that it's one that is usually used in salons. You only need one coat of this polish, and this polish dries really really really quickly! 
Which is awesome if you're impatient like me haha!

I love this colour as in person it kinda looks like a deep red wine shade, but with flash, it's like a lovely cranberry red.

I had then applied two coats of Nails Inc glittery gold nail polish. And I don't know if this has a shade... but I got this free with the Glamour... or was it Cosmopolitan magazine? I don't know, it was one of the two haha!

I like this nail polish, but sometimes I feel that not enough glitter is inside of it, so you need to keep applying layers of this - I don't really like doing that as it takes waaay longer to dry!

The next look is:

This next look is a deep plum/violet nail polish - with hot pink glitter specks - and then the ring finger is covered with gold glitter.

I like these sort of looks as the gold glitter is pretty Christmassy, and it glams up the nail look :)

I had used the same Nails Inc nail polish, but I'd got gold glitter that I poured and tapped onto my ring finger nail  as I wanted it completely covered.

The deep plum / violet shade is "910 Glistening" by Jessica - and I think it is a custom made nail polish that my sister received :) I really like this shade as it's like a dark plum and the glitter specks are noticeable but not too over powering :)

More photos:

I hope you guys like this look :)

Next post will be my Christmas Makeup re-visited.. 
Check back tomorrow for the post / tutorial!

Take care guys!

~ xoxo

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