Saturday, 15 December 2012

Changing my ENTIRE skincare routine

Hey everyone :)

If you've been following me on Twitter lately, you will be aware (or slightly aware) that I'm completely changing my skincare routine.
The reason for this is because I've been warned about a certain ingredient which is in a lot of products. And well, this certain ingredient is what makes the product 'foam' up - so yep, I'm talking about face wash, shampoo and show gels. 
However, what we don't know is that this ingredient is also a skin irritant.

So I was curious if this ingredient has had some affect on my skin, and causing me to break out more than I should be.

So the ingredient is:
Sodium Lauryl Sulphate

It's found in a LOT of the products I use, from my St Ives Apricot Scrub, to Colgate toothpaste. So it's a bit of a hassle to find alternatives.

However I'm definitely going to be using a different skincare range and seeing if it actually has a difference on my skin.
So I'll spend the entire month off from university using this alternative skin care and documenting my process! and hopefully, I will have some results as to whether this ingredient has some effect on my acne!

And fingers crossed, it will clear up all of my skin!

I'll be using these Murad products:
A Clarifying Cleanser
Exfoliating Acne Gel
Acne Spot Treatment

So I shall keep you guys updated with my skin and document everythaaaang!

But... my skin is actually looking waaaay better. As I have no active acne on my cheeks anymore, and only the few pimples. I still have scarring... but it doesn't look too noticeable when I have a single layer of foundation on... right?

P.S : I'm not actually wearing a lot of makeup here! Like a single layer of foundation and that is it... no concealer or anything :) I'm so happy!

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~ xoxo


  1. how do you like the products?

    1. So far I'm loving them :) They've managed to keep my skin under control and I've not experienced a break out since *touch wood* they won't come back!

      I'll be doing a more in depth review after a few weeks of using these products, so keep checking back for it! :)



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