Friday, 14 December 2012


Hey everyone :)

How gorgeous is this colour?!

I'd say a few months ago, I saw this shade of lipstick and I was in shock as I wondered how on earth are you able to wear this shade?! I mean.... isn't this colour really dark?! It's a lovely colour but it's one of those colours that only suit certain skin tones or lip shapes etc.

But one day, I was watching one of Lisa Eldridge's makeup tutorials on YouTube (her videos are awesome!!) and she had a shade exactly like this. And well, she made this shade of lipstick a lot easier to wear - even on a daily basis. 

Don't believe me? 
Well, I'll just show you..

This shade is "Black Cherry" - 477 by REVLON.

This shade is really exotic, like it's vampy but I don't think it makes your skin look cold... it's really warm, and will look good in the summer and winter.
It's a sort of colour; plum, aubergine, purple, violet, scarlett.. I'm not quite sure what colour it is though! But it's a mix of all of these shades! 

It's quite easy to apply on the lips, and well, it's not a creamy formula. So you will need to apply lip balm before you apply the lipstick. 
Nonetheless, the colour is super rich and pigmented!

So, how do you wear this colour?

The first method is to dab your ring finger - or any finger of your choice - onto the lipstick, and then dab the colour onto your lips. This will create a stain/tint onto your lips. 
And this is the most natural looking way of wearing the lipstick, as it helps to create the 'flush' of colour onto your lips without making your lips look too over dramatic!

To kinda 'glam' up the stained lips look, you can add a lipgloss of your choice. A clear gloss will create dewy lips, while a shimmery lipgloss will add 'dazzle' to the lips - great for a special occasion!

The next way of wearing the lipstick is by lining the lips - quite a thick line - and then smudging it towards the center. So by this method, the lips are given an appearance of being thicker and plumper :)

And well... I suppose this isn't really a great example as my lips are pretty big as it is haha! However, you are able to see how my lips look more 'beestung' and plump!

This shade works well with this method, as it looks quite classic! Yet, you'd never think that this was the Black Cherry shade because this way of wearing lipstick looks pretty natural and minimalistic :) but also looks plumper! :)

The last way, is obviously, to wear the lipstick colour straight from the bullet, and rock the bold vampy lips! :)

I hope you like this mini tutorial and review of this lipstick! It's a mini tutorial and review, and I will be creating more of these posts with makeup; and different looks too as I'm free for a month now!!! And I'm going to be at home loads too, so I will use this free time to write up tons of new posts.


Take care everyone :D

~ xoxo

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