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Hey everyone :)

I've been planning this post for agessss (and I'm writing this up now, on the 8th of December!), as think it's a cool idea just to reflect back on things which have happened during the year.

Because I've been blogging mostly this year, so many things have happened! And this is kinda like a recap of all of the great times :)

So January didn't really hold much in store for me, as I was going back to University for my second semester of 1st year and getting back into the routine of studying etc.
I think this month and February were probably the 'low' parts of the month, as I was going through some stuff. Although I'm glad I went through it because life right now is so much better and I'm thankful for everything that I've got right now - whereas before I don't think I would be,
So let's just say, the shit I went through then has made me a different person, but for the better :)

To be honest, I can't think back to February, as so much has happened after during/after March haha!
I guess I was really getting into blogging around this time, and I was making more goals and plans for myself, about what I want to achieve in life etc. 
Around this point, I was writing up my Life Goals on paper...  only to have them written up in April.. and achieve a few of them during the year :)

So March was definitely the month when things turned around for the better! 
I became a lot more happier and I was working hard for a much enjoyable future. And well... this happened in a number of different ways:
1) My blog gained it's first bit of controversial popularity as I wrote THIS post, and well... let's just say that a certain group of people didn't like it. I guess this was the first post where people actually realised what I am like.
2) My Uncle got married, which was so cool as it was so great seeing all of my relatives again. We're all sort of the same age and some even older, and everyone's studying or working, so it was cool to see them and catch up :D

This month was half of a holiday and revising as I had two exams when I got back to University for the last 3 weeks! And well, it was one of those low-key months where it was mostly work and revising.

Around this time, I had two exams for University and a couple of deadlines, so I was mainly sorting all of them out, and getting ready for my several months of summer!

I went on holiday to Egypt - which was on of my Life Goals - and that was the first time I've been abroad in nearly 10 years! :O
It was awesome as it was a hot country and I've never been there before, however I'm not sure if I would go again...

Sooooo beautiful!!

So June was the start of my main summer holiday from University, and well... I didn't get a job or anything, however I managed to work loads on my blog, which helped me get a lot more views and popularity :)

I managed to get more international readers after posting my Yutakis James and Jeffree Star and Cinnamongal and Cheesie drawings, and they all saw it ;)

I managed to reach 25,000 views and that was so awesome!! Also, GoodGollyMissHollie gave me a shoutout on her blog to read mine as I was one of her Friday Favourites! I'm so glad she gave me this shoutout as it brought me a load of readers and followers! Thank youuuu!!! :D

Well, July is the month of my birthday! However a lot of different things had happened before then :)
I had my first ever Clarivoyant reading, which was quite scary as a lot of the things she had said were really accurate! 
A week before my birthday, I went to Londonnnn! :D Which was cool as my cousins live there and we went to visit them :) 
So it was my birthday week and I had turned 20, and I had dyed my hair ombre into a rich Dark Tulip colour! I loved that hair colour and I will return back to it in a while :)

After the Clairvoyant reading, she kinda told me to write about whatever I wanted, without thinking about what others will say. And from this, I started writing more about makeup and beauty, and also My Acne Story, which gained a lot of popularity as I have experienced it for many years now. The clairvoyant said something like "There's a certain blogpost you've been thinking of writing up but you're afraid of what people will say. You need to do it... and something will come out of it!" 
And well... something did! (See November ;))

I GOT MY FIRST SPONSOR :) Which was soooo awesome! As I'd been wanting to be sponsored for a blog post, and I got paid for it too which was so great :)

It was also my Cousins 21st birthday in London, and that was so cool as I got to see family there again :)

After blogging everyday for the entire summer, I managed to reach 50,000 views! Sooooo happy and thankful about that!

I gained over 100 followers and I'm so thankful that you guys are following me :') Also in this month, I ended up in Hospital as I was experiencing a breathing problems, although I'm fine now :)

I got my first ever DSLR camera that I have been wanting for 2 years! I absolutely LOVE it and it's with me all of the time :)
I was asked to participate and be filmed for a BBC Documentary about acne after the BBC stumbled across my blog. It was an amazing experience being filmed for a weekend straight and going to the Capital FM studios!

Also in November I managed to get published in the Huddersfield University Student Newspaper/Magazine :D Which was so cool! Oh yeah, I went to the Leeds German Market too, and took some really cool photos :)

So far in December, I went to the Festival of Light in Huddersfield, which was the first time I went and it was so much fun :)
I reached 100,000 blog views!! I'm so so so so thankful for that and the fact that people read this blog! :')

Christmas was AMAZING as we had a load of family over and we had a party with lots of food and games!  It was one of the best moments of 2012 and I'd love more moments like this in the future. I'm sure it will be like this when it comes to my sister's wedding! :)

It's been a super exciting year and I hope you liked reading through this and seeing all of the photos!

I hope you've all had an amazing year, filled with lots of memories :) Only a few days left until the end of 2012!
~ xoxo


  1. You had an amazing year! I hope 2013 is as amazing for the both of us! Have a great New Years! RoRos World

    1. Yupp! I hope so too :) Happy New Years to you :) xx


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