Monday, 31 December 2012


Hey everyone :)

It's New Years Eve! Can you believe it, it's 2013 tomorrow! 
A brand new year.. and well, despite a lot of people saying "New Year, New Me", this is a great time to make certain changes in your life and start thinking about goals and dreams you want to work hard for.

Check out my 'end of 2012' posts :)

Oh and... check out these gorgeous nail polishes! 

I've been wearing these two colours on my nails, and I love it!!!

REVLON Colourstay in:
210 - French Toast
140 - Fall Mood

French toast is a gorgeous 'in-between brown-maroon' colour, it's quite matte with a slight bit of shimmer. Perfect for the winter season :)

Fall mood is a beautiful shimmery gold - but it's a lovely iridescent gold with soft shimmer and looks really glowy.

I will try and post photos of my nails soon as just describing the colours really don't do them any justice!

Have a wonderful New Years Eve :) spend it with loved ones and have fun!

Let's have an amazing start to 2013 and let it bring us everything that we dream of :)

~ xoxo

Saturday, 29 December 2012

POST-Christmas Gifts ❤

Hey everyone :)

I've been meaning to write this up for a few days now, as I had received gifts and bought lots after Christmas!! :) And I wanted to show you them all!
I did write about the presents I got in my Christmas post, but I'll be writing more about them in depth here.

I'm going to start off with accessories/clothing items I got for Christmas:

Soap & Glory - Crazy Sexy Kohl

Ahhh I was so excited when I opened my presents to find this! (Well, I was excited opening all of my presents as they're so awesome :D) I've been looking at this Soap & Glory eye makeup set for a while now and curious as to what it's all like!
I've bought their eye pencil duo and liquid liner - but that's about as far I've gone with the S&G eye makeup products.

These shades are so lovely! They're quite glittery but not TOO glittery -
and they can be worn with any item of clothing. I love the bronze/plum-ish and beige shade on it's own, as it looks really casual.
The black eye shadow is really smokey!

I love these eye shadows as they're so pigmented, and I am definitely going to be using this lots!

It comes with 5 eyeliners in different shades too...
Metallic Green
Metallic Blue
Metallic Purple

These eyeliners are so creamy and rub onto the skin so smoothly! It's AMAZING! It's great for sensitive eyes and if you don't like rubbing hard on your eyes..

It reminds me of the Urban Decay eyeliners too :)

I suppose the purple eyeliner could be a little more on the reddish/pinkish side, as it looks sort of blueish :(

Black Clutch Bag

I was so happy that my sister bought me a clutch bag - that goes with every outfit! - as the other clutches I have are literally too small to even fit my phone in. So I always end up resorting to leaving my phone with someone else.. which is poops haha!

But she bought me this bag which I can fit a lot of things in, and it still looks classy and chic :)

It comes with a strap too so I don't always have to carry it around in my hand

So now... onto things I bought in the Boxing Day sales!

Ultra Soft Super Skinny Jeans

These jeans were on sale - £5 at Primark! 
And I don't have any jeans that are coloured.. I mainly have greys or blacks...or regular denim shades.

So I had to snatch up a pair of coloured jeans at this price!

Despite these being a size 10 - and size 10 are baggy ob me - these are hugging!
It says it's super skinny, and it IS super skinny... like it really fits around my legs. It makes a change from the baggy skinny jeans I've got haha.

With my New Look heels :)

As you can see, it's really fitting around my calves.

Purple Peplum Skirt

The next thing I got from Primark was this lovely purple Peplum skirt for an amazing £3!!!!

This is the first thing I've ever gotten that is a peplum stlye, and after seeing tons of friends with peplum outfits - I just wanted one!

This is a beautiful colour too :)

Haha I was wearing a T-Shirt too so I was trying to hold it up :P 

The frilly bit at the top is really cute - I love the material of this too, it's kinda stretchy and thick, and it looks really classy... I'll probably wear this to an interview or something :)

Lacey LBD

I went into New Look to find that the rails had literally been emptied!! And I honestly thought that I wouldn't find anything :'(

But I came across this really cute lacey black dress! Which was in my size, and it had was 50% off! Perfect.

It's a liiiittle bit short, but I really like it though. It's light and easy to wear.. and I can wear this with a nice coloured blazer, or a denim jacket or something.

It's the kind of dress that can be dressed up, or dressed down :)

Excuse my hair haha! It's all fluffy because I washed it last night, and it gets a whole load of volume :P

It's really pretty and lacey :) it reminds me of dresses ladies wear when dacing Tango... well... not so frilly :P

These are the things from Christmas / Boxing Day! And I hope you liked reading through this entry and seeing what I've bought!

Did you buy anything in the sales?

~ xoxo

Friday, 28 December 2012


Hey everyone :)

The end of the year is approaching quicklyyyy! And well, it's been a really awesome year :) 

Thinking about how great this year has been, I want to wish that 2013 will be just as great - and even better! I think 2013 will definitely be a year when things change for me, so it would be quite nice to reflect back on this blog post when it's this time next year :P

So, firstly, what do I want 2013 to bring?

1) Sponsors & Opportunities to do with blogging:
I would really really really love to do blogs for companies and review products etc, as I really love doing that anyway :) 
I've done sponsored posts around the summer of this year (see 'Advertise') and I really loved it as it was something different and it was paid - it was really really enjoyable! And I am so thankful that I was asked to blog for companies!
I would LOVE more sponsored posts and actually have a definite sponsor. 
This might sound crazy too, but I would love to become an ambassador for a company or something, that would be so great!
One of my life goals is to save up £1,000 of money I've earned through working hard at blogging - from AdSense and sponsorships.

2) To continue being happy:
The start of 2012 wasn't so good, and it was one of my lowest points as I wasn't really comfortable with myself unlike how I am now. And I'm really thankful that things have become way better and my life is much more happier and enjoyable with the help of family, and good friends! :)

3) Good grades!
Hahaha, I am hoping that I get good grades this year - well I can't really call it grades being a University - well, good results? Haha.
So I'll be working hard to get great results for this year, as it's a lot harder that first year. But I will also be working hard for my final year too!

4) Experiences and Memories:
I hope to accomplish more of my Life Goals, and try out new and different things! Because I really like different challenges and slowly I will have completed all of my life goals :)
They will be a lot of memories, so I'll have lots more to talk about when it comes to meeting family members and stuff haha!
I hate having nothing to say to family members when I haven't seen them for a long time... it just feels so awkward.

5) Work Experience / Jobs:
I think this does fit in with the first one about the sponsors, as it kinda is the same thing. And I'm really wanting to start earning money too, so I might have to look into getting a job in the summer if my blog isn't doing well.
But hopefully my blog will be flourishing with views and clicks haha!
I'd also love some work experience in the media industry - so like PR companies, magazine companies and radio studios, as being in Capital FM for a half a day during the BBC Filming was awesome!

6) International Fame / Recognition:
Okay this may sound a little far fetched, but I'd love it! And if I wish and work really hard for it, I will be able to achieve it! Well... I can dream about it, right?
I'd like a lot of international blogger friends and I'll have to make an effort to make friends... (gosh, it's like High School all over again haha)

So these are the main things that I want!

Now, onto my Resolutions.. 
Ah, I'm always a sucker to write down a lottttt of resolutions but half way through the year, I end up messing them up or not fully following them. So this year, I want to try and stick to the resolutions as much as I can haha! And most of these resolutions are self-improvement (I always do these haha!)

1) Make the most of life:
This is something I'm pretty sure I wrote last year, and well.. I stuck to it for a while. But I really need to live by this - and well, I've been thinking about it loadssss lately!
I want to make the most of current situations and just live life then and there. Instead of thinking about being in other places or elsewhere.

2) Stop being so serious:
Lately I've found that I've just become so serious about everything, like I've been thinking about life after University, money, career stuff. And well, there isn't much I can do about life after University because, well, I'm still in my second year with another year to go!
I need to just enjoy life and make the most of this time I have at University :)
Oh and... be a liiiiiiittle bit less serious about blogging - I mean well, continue blogging. But I realise that I take it a bit too seriously... more seriously than I did when I first started blogging.

3) Don't compare myself to others:
This is something I do often, when I didn't really do it before. And I really should stop comparing myself to other people... but I can't help it! Haha!
But I don't compare myself to someone else and wish that I was them... but more in the sense that I wish I had more fun in my life (e.g if I saw a photo of them out having fun or whatever haha).
Which leads to my next one...

4) Do more:
And by this, I mean going out more and doing a bit more with my life, socially. I'm quite a quiet person in real life and I don't do much like going to parties or whatever. But I want to change this, and go out more and have a ton of new experiences.
I'd love to travel a lot more around the UK toooooo :)

5) STOP being so lazy... haha:
I'm kind of a bit lazy when it comes to blogging and doing my work.. And I'm always thinking about doing work but I don't actually do it there and then. I end up using valuable time doing something else or.. not doing anything at all. And I need to change this! I have to put in my 100% into my work and blogging :)

6) Lose a couple of pounds:
I mean in weight ;) Haha! I want to lose a coupe of pounds so that I can weigh exactly 8 stones! It's quite a target from me as I am just under 9 stones, so I will try to reach this goal and keep my weight around this target :)

7) Make more of an effort:
 I mean in the sense of making more of an effort with my appearance - because when I go to University, I'm always wearing a hoody and jeans.. that sort of thing.
But I'd like to wear something nicer and do something nicer with my makeup too :)
I'm also going to start making an effort with people and talking with old friends, as I'm quite crap at that haha!

Things I want to do:

1) Dye my hair a honey shade and really grow it out:
 I know I said this last year too, as I said I wanted my hair like Waii. And I still do! Hahaa. So I'm definitely going to stick with this and hopefully have lovely long and light brown hair :)

2) Go on holiday, again:
I'm not sure about where I want to go, however I do know I want to go somewhere in Europe as the only place I've properly been to is France. So somewhere maybe a bit more southern and eastern would be awesome!!

3) Move out for University: 
As you guys may know, I still commute for university despite being in my second year. And it REALLY is super stressful :( But I'm going to make sure that for my third year, I'll be moving out so I won't have to worry about getting home for a certain time, and not missing trains.
I'll also have way more time to work on my final year projects, and also to blog too! 
Being at home can get me sidetracked from taking photos and properly sitting down to write up a blog post, so I'm really looking forward to it!

4) Post a blog post everyday for an entire year:
It may seem that I have done that this year, but during the start of 2012 I wasn't as frequent with blogging until now! And I've really noticed that my pageviews have skyrocketed since I've started to blog everyday for the past 6 months.
So I really want to continue blogging everyday for the next year, and hopefully forever :) haha... I really enjoy blogging

5) Go dairy free for an entire year!
Okay this might be kinda hard considering I'm addicted to store bought hot chocolate. But as you might now, I gave up dairy around 4 months ago, and I've been having Soya Milk since. So I really want to carry this on and find soy alternatives in hot chocolate. I'm sure Starbucks make soy hot chocolates, right?

6) Say 'yes' more:
I'm sometimes like "No" whenever someone asks me if I want to do something, when really I should be like "YES!" hahaha. And I think this was one of my resolutions for this year too, so I will have to keep this one up. And this should bring in a load of experiences too :)

7) Do a blog giveaway:
Now I know I keep saying I'll do a blog giveaway when I reach 100,000 views - which I've already reached! - and I'm actually struggling on what to buy for a lucky reader. So I'm not sure what to buy just yet, but I've always wanted to do a giveaway so I will very soon! But it will have to be in the new year as it would be a bit of a hassle around this time with deliveries and stuff!

8) Have a blog sale:
I know I've seen a few other bloggers sell off their makeup which has been used once or twice, and I think I may do that with some of my products as I have makeup that I've used once and I don't like it. Or I have products which are better.
So I will look into this very soon :)

9) Stay positive and happy!
I know from 'The Secret' that a good mood and positive energy always attracts success, and that is why I'm always saying I'm going to keep working hard with my blog as it's brought me a lot of success already, and I want it to continue :D

So these are my few plans and resolutions for 2013, and I hope you enjoyed reading them haha!

What about you?

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~ xoxo


Hey everyone :)

I've been planning this post for agessss (and I'm writing this up now, on the 8th of December!), as think it's a cool idea just to reflect back on things which have happened during the year.

Because I've been blogging mostly this year, so many things have happened! And this is kinda like a recap of all of the great times :)

So January didn't really hold much in store for me, as I was going back to University for my second semester of 1st year and getting back into the routine of studying etc.
I think this month and February were probably the 'low' parts of the month, as I was going through some stuff. Although I'm glad I went through it because life right now is so much better and I'm thankful for everything that I've got right now - whereas before I don't think I would be,
So let's just say, the shit I went through then has made me a different person, but for the better :)

To be honest, I can't think back to February, as so much has happened after during/after March haha!
I guess I was really getting into blogging around this time, and I was making more goals and plans for myself, about what I want to achieve in life etc. 
Around this point, I was writing up my Life Goals on paper...  only to have them written up in April.. and achieve a few of them during the year :)

So March was definitely the month when things turned around for the better! 
I became a lot more happier and I was working hard for a much enjoyable future. And well... this happened in a number of different ways:
1) My blog gained it's first bit of controversial popularity as I wrote THIS post, and well... let's just say that a certain group of people didn't like it. I guess this was the first post where people actually realised what I am like.
2) My Uncle got married, which was so cool as it was so great seeing all of my relatives again. We're all sort of the same age and some even older, and everyone's studying or working, so it was cool to see them and catch up :D

This month was half of a holiday and revising as I had two exams when I got back to University for the last 3 weeks! And well, it was one of those low-key months where it was mostly work and revising.

Around this time, I had two exams for University and a couple of deadlines, so I was mainly sorting all of them out, and getting ready for my several months of summer!

I went on holiday to Egypt - which was on of my Life Goals - and that was the first time I've been abroad in nearly 10 years! :O
It was awesome as it was a hot country and I've never been there before, however I'm not sure if I would go again...

Sooooo beautiful!!

So June was the start of my main summer holiday from University, and well... I didn't get a job or anything, however I managed to work loads on my blog, which helped me get a lot more views and popularity :)

I managed to get more international readers after posting my Yutakis James and Jeffree Star and Cinnamongal and Cheesie drawings, and they all saw it ;)

I managed to reach 25,000 views and that was so awesome!! Also, GoodGollyMissHollie gave me a shoutout on her blog to read mine as I was one of her Friday Favourites! I'm so glad she gave me this shoutout as it brought me a load of readers and followers! Thank youuuu!!! :D

Well, July is the month of my birthday! However a lot of different things had happened before then :)
I had my first ever Clarivoyant reading, which was quite scary as a lot of the things she had said were really accurate! 
A week before my birthday, I went to Londonnnn! :D Which was cool as my cousins live there and we went to visit them :) 
So it was my birthday week and I had turned 20, and I had dyed my hair ombre into a rich Dark Tulip colour! I loved that hair colour and I will return back to it in a while :)

After the Clairvoyant reading, she kinda told me to write about whatever I wanted, without thinking about what others will say. And from this, I started writing more about makeup and beauty, and also My Acne Story, which gained a lot of popularity as I have experienced it for many years now. The clairvoyant said something like "There's a certain blogpost you've been thinking of writing up but you're afraid of what people will say. You need to do it... and something will come out of it!" 
And well... something did! (See November ;))

I GOT MY FIRST SPONSOR :) Which was soooo awesome! As I'd been wanting to be sponsored for a blog post, and I got paid for it too which was so great :)

It was also my Cousins 21st birthday in London, and that was so cool as I got to see family there again :)

After blogging everyday for the entire summer, I managed to reach 50,000 views! Sooooo happy and thankful about that!

I gained over 100 followers and I'm so thankful that you guys are following me :') Also in this month, I ended up in Hospital as I was experiencing a breathing problems, although I'm fine now :)

I got my first ever DSLR camera that I have been wanting for 2 years! I absolutely LOVE it and it's with me all of the time :)
I was asked to participate and be filmed for a BBC Documentary about acne after the BBC stumbled across my blog. It was an amazing experience being filmed for a weekend straight and going to the Capital FM studios!

Also in November I managed to get published in the Huddersfield University Student Newspaper/Magazine :D Which was so cool! Oh yeah, I went to the Leeds German Market too, and took some really cool photos :)

So far in December, I went to the Festival of Light in Huddersfield, which was the first time I went and it was so much fun :)
I reached 100,000 blog views!! I'm so so so so thankful for that and the fact that people read this blog! :')

Christmas was AMAZING as we had a load of family over and we had a party with lots of food and games!  It was one of the best moments of 2012 and I'd love more moments like this in the future. I'm sure it will be like this when it comes to my sister's wedding! :)

It's been a super exciting year and I hope you liked reading through this and seeing all of the photos!

I hope you've all had an amazing year, filled with lots of memories :) Only a few days left until the end of 2012!
~ xoxo
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