Friday, 16 November 2012

Uni update...

Hey everyone :)

Sorry I've not been posting really awesome posts lately haha, I've been sooo busy! All of my deadlines are drawing closer and I'm getting it all done, bit by bit :) 

Here are some work photos;
Basically I'm creating an event for my PR module, and along with all of the leaflets and content that we have to write up, we have to create a conatiner (box) for it! And this is mine in the making....

It was actually a Glossybox (well 2) thatt my sister in law had lying around, and she suggested I used them and made something out of it.

And my event is a creative and sort of art-ish event, so I want to make my box all.. unique! Haha!

A perfect chunk has been cut out of this box, and will be place on the corner of my other box...

So it looks like this... 

I painted the two boxes black & white. And now I need to paint a second coat and then decorate it with tons more paint. I want to create a lot of different textures on it, and make it look quite abstract!

I love how I can go all creative on this project considering I'm more of an arty/creative/visual person rather than plain academic and simple person.

My acrylic paints... I'm using the black, white & red colour scheme as I've made my PR business cards and Letterheads that colour :P 

White box, and the black box behind it :)

That's all so far!! I will update later with more work that I've done. And I will honestly try my best to keep updating everyday with something makeup or tutorial related, as it's something that a lot of you readers REALLY want! Yayayay :)

~ xoxo


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