Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Schwarzkopf Vital - 60 - Light Brown

Hey everyone

Guess what... I dyed my hair, again.

So I originally wanted my hair to be quite light... like a milky chocolate brown sort of shade. So I went into Bodycare - who stock hair dyes way cheaper than you would find them in Boots or Superdrug. (I got it for £2.49!)

I found this colour, and I thought it looked like a really nice brown. I know my hair wouldn't pick up this colour much as my hair is naturally dark. However, I wanted this colour to cover up my 'ombre' hair which became a bleh rusty colour!

Schwarzkopf Vital colour in 60 - Light Brown

As you can see, this colour is for those with lighter hair rather than dark hair. But I wanted to give it a try :)

It came with:
Application Bottle with Developer Lotion
The actual hair dye

And gloves :)

After I mixed the dye with the developer lotion

This was my hair. It was a warm reddish coppery colour - which was the result of me bleaching it and dying it Dark Tulip, and then Violet. And this was the colour is was going to remain :(

You can see that my hair was growing out, and there was such a huge contrast of hair colour... and my natural hair is DARK haha!

After applying the dye and waiting for 30 minutes :)

I ended up covering my hair with a plastic bag... "Wait, what?! Why?!"
Well, the hair dye works better if you have heat - and you can tie your hair in a plastic bag (well wrap it around your head) so that your head will let off heat and then it gets hot around the dye... 
Yeah I'm so bad at explaining this! Haha!

If you've ever dyed your hair a lighter colour before, you will know that the roots end up getting lighter than the rest of your hair - because your head is letting off a lot of heat so it works faster and efficiently :)

After around 30 minutes :)

My hair towel dried.

It's become darker, with slight tints of golden brown in it, but the coppery colour has gone yayyy :)

The colour has picked up well on the ends :)

I really like this colour because it's made my hair look darker and healthier, and I like the idea of dying my hair darker for the winter!

So some of my hair strands have gone the darker brown, but my natural hair hasn't picked up the colour :( so it's remained as the natural dark brown hair shade!

With the flash on and fluorescent lighting - the colour is more visible :) and it looks like a lovely warm brown :D

Before & After:

Overall, I'm not happy with the fact that my natural hair colour didn't pick up this hair dye - so I have like multiple shades in my hair now of dark and light brown. And I'm usually quite happy with Schwarzkopf hair dyes as they work really well, except for this one..

But I'm happy with the fact that it did cover up my rusty coloured hair ends well :) and the conditioner has made my hair feel really soft and silkyy!

~ xoxo

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