Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Opening Circle Lens Bottles...

It can be really frustrating to open up the little bottles which Circle Lens come in, because the lids are wrapped with a thin sheet of metal - which can cut you!

And after several circle lens purchases, I think I have perfected the art of opening up the bottles!


So this is my circle lens bottle, I usually use the handle of a spoon to lift off the plastic top. You can also use tweezers (or something thin and strong) to help lift this up!

Don't use your nails to do this, as this can really really really damage your nails as it's super strong!

Then once you have taken the plastic cap off, it will look like this! A bit of the metal sheet will be torn, and then use the spoon handle to tug away at the metal sheet. 

It's really quick and easy to do this, and you can place the handle of the spoon through the metal hoop, and twist the spoon so that the metal sheet just peels off.

And ta da!!

Make sure you don't handle the metal sheets with your hands as it can cut your fingers! Trust me, I remember the first two times I tried opening these bottles and I used my fingers and nails. And I was left with cuts on my fingers and my nails broken :(

I hope this helps! :D

And yes, I have a new circle lens review coming up, as these lens had arrived today!! Yayyy! 

Stay tuned for the review!

~ xoxo

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