Friday, 2 November 2012

November Wishlist

I really like making these Wishlist posts every month, as I can look back on previous posts and see if any of these wishes have actually come true. Also, I can think "Oh, those were the days when I wanted that... and now I've got it!!" haha!

Okay enough blabbing...

1) Advertisers & Sponsors:
Yes, I love writing for PR companies about different events. It's really fun, as you're able to be as creative as you want! It's pretty cool as it helps to bring in more attention to their company and also my blog too!
I've had a few advertisers email me about their events this month, and I'd love more!! 

2) Followers & Viewers:
In October alone, I managed to reach 60,000 views and also 70,000 views! Wow! Thanks so much guys!
I know a few of my posts were really popular - especially this week - and I'm sooooo happy you guys have clicked onto my blog! Oh and, and, anddd... the nice comments too! Thank youuuuu!!

Also when Blogger had a technical fault and the view counts reset (for what seemed like forever!) I managed to make some new blogger friends which I'm grateful for!

I'm hoping to get 100,000 views on the 1 year birthday of this blog (18th December) as that would be the bestest thing ever! And I am going to be holding a giveaway once I reach that target!

3) A DSLR Camera:
I've written this too many times on this blog and I will probably continue to write it til I buy/get one! I really want anew camera as the one I have... It is good but I've had it for too long, and I want something more technical and experienced to use.
I'm hoping to save up all of the money I've made through blogging so far, and resist the temptation to buy anything else haha!

Cameras I've looked at so far and I'm considering:
Sony NEX-7 

This camera looks sooooo fun to use! It's screen can be flipped so you can take selfshots hahah, but nonetheless, the quality of the photos taken are really awesome!

4) More FUN Times:
The past month and a half (since I've been back at Uni) has been filled with so much fun and new experiences - and I want these moments to continue as it's my 2nd year. I want to enjoy my Uni life before I move onto the 'work' part of my life haha!

5) THIS sweater:

Omggggg it's so cute right?

 I'm probably going to wait until it's on sale though or something... Oh crap! I'm meant to be saving up money... nooooooooooooooo!

6) Happiness!!
Obviously everyone wants to be happy - and I am quite a happy person - although some things can really get me down and make me unmotivated to work. I want happy times to continue and enjoy life! :)

7) 90,000 views:
It's crazy how my blog has managed to gain so many thousands of views in just a short amount of time! I'm so grateful for it all, and I love hearing from my readers!
My main going is to have 100,000 views by 18th December - as that will be my blog's 1st birthday yaay! :D

Is it crazy that I've already started making a Christmas Wishlist? haha :P

~ xoxo

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