Monday, 5 November 2012

More makeup...

Hey everyone :)

I recently found these photos of makeup I had bought on sale in London - last year - and I originally wanted to review them. However I had totally forgotten about these photos... until today! And I'm going to review these :)

L'Oreal Bare Natural mineral eyeliner:

This is a really handy and cute product, as it's an eyeliner that comes with an angled brush. You're meant to dab the brush in the eyeliner pigments and brush it onto your eyelid.

This eyeliner can create soft smokey lines, but if you're looking for a dark and prominent line - then this product won't make you happy!
The great thing about this eyeliner, is that it lasts!! The staying power of this eyeliner is actually impressive for a mineral powder liner!

The only thing I don't like about it, is that it can stain your fingers and the powder can be quite messy!

VOV Eyeshadow Palette

I really love the colours on this palette!

I really love the choice of colours in this palette! Especially as I had paid £5 for it!

A frosty pinkish colour

As you can see, the colours are really really pigmented! 

The only thing I'm not so keen on, is that it's quite shimmery and glittery. I do prefer my matte eyeshadows - although this palette will be pretty awesome on a special occasion!

VOV Liquid Eyeliner

I bought this eyeliner for £4 at an Asian shop... and VOV is a Korean brand, a very popular Korean brand. 
I've tried other VOV makeup and I've loved them all so far!

This eyeliner is really awesome, and has such amazing lasting power! 

It dries on your skin, and doesn't move or smudge at all. I can't stress even more about how well this eyeliner stays put!

This eyeliner brush can create thick and thin lines! :) I love brushes that are able to make different lines rather than being completely chunky haha. Thin eyelines are great for natural makeup days!

ETUDE Eyeshadow Palette

I saw this palette and thought, "OMG, I loveee these colours!" As they're quite matte and look really natural. There are soft browns, neutrals, beiges and the odd few that can add applied for that pop of colour!

These are really lovely for daily use as the choice of colours aren't so over powering!

Oh, and they are incredibly pigmented!! So much love for eyeshadows that are pigmented really well! :)

Dodo Eyeshadow Palette

This palette I bought from a random Asian shop, and it's not really my favourite eyeshadow palette.

The choice of colours are okay... but they're very shimmery and do have a lot of fallout when you apply them. The colours are actually very pigmented though, which is awesome!

The black shade is very very pigmented and is one of the darkest black eyeshadows I've got, so it's not that bad

I've going to be using all of these different eyeshadows and using it on a daily basis - as I really need to get the most out of these products and finish them haha!

I have too many products which I haven't used fully, so I really need to use them. I've been thinking I might do a 7 Day Makeup Challenge, like a post of 7 different makeup looks (or post one everyday) :D

~ xoxo

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