Monday, 12 November 2012

Maybelline 'Fit Me' Foundation & Concealer REVIEW

Hey everyone :)

I had posted a few days ago that I was going to review this product, and well, here it is!
(So I've decided to re-review all of my other foundations and concealers but with before and after photos, all taken in higher quality so  you can really see a difference!)

I'm a little afraid of showing my bare face because of all of my acne scarring, but I guess this review would only be fair if I were to show before and afters. 

Maybelline 'Fit Me':

This is the latest product by Maybelline, and they've aimed to make this foundation 'fit' the skin, rather than masking it!
In the past, I haven't really favoured Maybelline products as I've found that their shades have been quite pinkish. However I decided to try this and see what the hype really was about :D

So I bought these two from Boots, and the offer was 'Buy One, get the other Half Price' so it came to under £11. 

The shade I got was 220, which was part of the 'Medium' shades. I saw the 225 shade and saw that it looked a little pinkish in the bottle :S So I took the plunge of buying shade 220 and hoping that it was a decent match for me!

Before photos... and this is me with absolutely no makeup on. 
(My acne scarring isn't as bad as it was before, however I do need a really good coverage foundation). 

Yep, I don't really have much 'active' acne, but I have all of the scarring and a bit of redness too!

So the 'Fit Me' foundation is very very lightweight. It's the first gel based foundation - and this really appealed to me because thicker foundations can cause me to have a bad breakout!

So this is once I have applied the foundation and concealer.

The foundation colour itself, is pretty awesome as it's a great shade for me! I was worried that it would be too light, but it's a pretty fitting shade!
The consistency is a little 'watery' which I'm guessing is the result of it being a gel based foundation. However a few layers can be built to create a more flawless look, without it looking really cakey.

As you can see, the foundation looks quite smooth along the areas I don't have any dry skin. Which can be a problem for those with drier skin textures! 

The coverage is reasonable, it's great for an everyday sort of look but it's not the heavy coverage that is great for a photoshoot haha! Although if you have a clearer complexion, then this foundation can even out any uneven skin tones.

The concealer, I wasn't too pleased with. As it wasn't really a high coverage concealer (like the MAC concealers which I am more used to!) but for the price I got it at (less than £3) I'm not going to complain. The concealer can work quite well if your undereye areas aren't too prominent.

I had only used the concealer under my eyes though, and the foundation is applied everywhere on my face :)

After applying a setting powder, filling in my brows, lining my eyes and a coat of mascara

These photos are all taken in natural lighting, so you can see that the shade actually does 'Fit Me' really well hahah :P so thumbs up for that!

I know acne and acne scarring can really be a knock at your confidence, and you shouldn't have to resort to makeup to hide your face. It's a normal experience of life and people will understand that, so don't let it affect your self esteem levels! :)

I hope you've liked this review!
~ xoxo


  1. I really enjoyed reading your review :)

    I'd love it if you could check out mine!

  2. thanks so much for this review I am going to try this foundation.Also you're features are stunning with and w/o foundation.Have you tried any peels for the acne scars? I'm thinking of trying a peel for my scars on my face and dreaded bacne.

  3. You are so gorgeous! A lot of people are afraid to show their bare faces & edit the crap out of there pictures. Women look the most beautiful without make-up, and you are truly beautiful!


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