Monday, 12 November 2012

Leeds German Market

Hey everyone :)

The German Market has come to Leeds again, and I've only ever been there once with a few friends (but this was yearssss ago!) So, I had gone yesterday (I think it opened this weekend :D) and yeah, I took a lottttt of photos! 

The entrance, as you can see, it's BUSYY!
I think this was the entrance of a little restaurant they opened :)
There were tons of stalls where you can purchase different decorative items! They were all different and unique to what I've seen before
These items are soooo pretty! They will look really nice when the light reflects off them
A photo of my sister taking a photo haha
Mummy & Meeeeee!
& with the sister :)
I think these were slices of garlic bread with hot melted cheese and salami
Chocolate marshmallows, and with different flavoured marshmallow fillings
These were flavoured peanuts (well they were coated in a flavouring!) My favourite were the Cinnamon almond... yummy!
Ooooh this looked yummy!
Different flavoured coffee beans mmmm!
It all looks so Christmassy right?
I love these Buddha statues!
Flavoured truffles! Yummm
Haha this little dog ate someones food! :P
Waiting for Nutella crepes..
This was a fried potato fritter with an apple sauce. The potato fritter itself was pretty bland, so we added some salt and garlic powder (i think?)
The excess of Nutella on the side of the tub.... Omg wasteee haha :P
Yummy!! You can see the Nutella peaking through the pancake folds..
And these were two cute pigeons we saw sat outside my grandmas house! Sooo cute!
~ xoxo

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