Saturday, 3 November 2012

Apps to help BLOGGING

Hey everyone :)

After blogging for nearly a year (omg a year on 18th December!); I've been finding different ways to help ease the process of blogging. And as I am an absolute geek with my phone and iPod, I've been on the search for apps that will help make blogging easier.

As if blogging isn't quite a simple task already ;P

These apps I've found can help you blog a bit more efficiently, or just save a lot of the time that you spend like uploading photos :)

And all of these apps can be found on the App Store and the Play Store!

1) Blogger: 

Well.. that's if you're on Blogger :P I like this app as it's really awesome if I have a huge chunk of writing I want to post but I'm on the go. I can just write it up in a new post on this app, and just click 'Save' so that I can edit it later when I'm on the computer.

Also, you can edit existing post's content, like if you've made a spelling mistake or you just want to add in a bit more text :) It's a very simple app to use!

You can publish posts on this too, although I prefer to do it on the computer as I like my posts to look perfect haha.

2) Google+:
Now I'm not really a user of Google+, but the great thing about this, is that you can upload photos straight from your phone to G+, and there is unlimited space ;) 

So you just select which photos you want to upload..

And share them via Google+ 

Where they will appear in your Photos:

Where all of your albums will be, and you can choose which photos you want to use for your posts!

This is honestly the easiest methods of putting photos on to my blog. Because around before April (when I bought my new XPERIA) I had to transfer photos from my N95 to my computer, and then upload them individually... which really did take the piss!

See how many photo albums I have on here? Yep.. no wonder I'm consistently posting on this blog haha! :P

3) Twitter & Facebook:
Yea, these don't really need any explanation haha but they're really awesome for promoting your blog!

On Twitter, I like to post my link around and add in hashtags like #bbloggers #beauty #makeup #student #review #tutorial etc. Basically whatever is in that particular blog post!

Social networking is a really great boost for your blog, as it helps to attract more viewers, readers and potential followers! :D

4) Google Adsense:
If you haven't already, GET Adsense for your blog. As you can place Ads around your blog where you can earn extra cash when people click on your ads (also you do get money by how many views you get! :D)

The Adsense app is pretty awesome, as you're able to see how many clicks you have got, how much you've earned in the past month and of all time.

It's definitely a necessity if you're a keen blogger and wanting to make some extra money :)

I hope you've liked this post on these apps that can help your blogging experience by much more easier and enjoyable!
As these are the apps which I use on a daily basis!

~ xoxo

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