Monday, 1 October 2012

Win £5000 for YOUR birthday

Hey everyone :)

I was emailed last night by the lovely Laura McGreary, about an AMAZING opportunity to win a birthday party worth £5000, and it's exclusively for University students!!
All that YOU have to do is go onto their Facebook page and tell THEM, what your ultimate Birthday bash would involve!

So I couldn't help thinking what I would do for my ultimate birthday bash... If I had £5000 to spend for my birthday, this is probably what I'd do for it...

Yeah, I would love to buy tickets for 2, to go on a trip to Italy :) because that would be awesome! I've always wanted to celebrate my birthday abroad. I've had a search around Google and it would cost less than £1000 for just a week :) 

Dress -
Because it's a birthday, it's a great excuse to get really dressed up! And I would like a cute dress that doesn't look too over the top, nor too casual either!

This is from and around £15 :) 

This too is from and around £22 :) This is so super cute!!

Shoes -

These are form Newlook :) and around £28! I think they would go well with either dress :) And I love my heels too!

Accessories -

Sunnies from H&M for £4.99

Bracelet from H&M - £4.99

Bracelet #2 from H&M - £4.99

Ring from H&M - £3.99

A present to myself -

This is the one thing I really want, and I've been wanting it for the past 2 years! As it will really help with my blog and my degree..

Canon EOS M 

An 18-megapixel interchangeable-lens compact system camera small enough to take anywhere. Enjoy simple creative controls and superb low-light performance for stunning images.
  • The quality of a digital SLR in a compact body
  • Scene Intelligent Auto
  • Be versatile with interchangeable lenses
  • Create out-of-focus backgrounds for high impact
  • Easy-to-use touch-screen
  • Atmospheric photos in low light
  • Full-HD video with Video Snapshot Mode 
And this will cost around £769.. which is costly but it's a Canon camera that is packed with really great quality of their more bigger DSLR's. (OMG even writing about it makes me really want it so much!

The Night:

I'm not really sure what I'd do for the night, probably go around Rome sightseeing and checking out the fine dining! Because I really love my food :) And I really want to try some authentic Italian cuisine.... OH!

And authentic Tiramisu :D

What would you do with the £5000?

To enter the competition, check out their Facebook here

~ xoxo


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