Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Sourcing for Longer Hair

Hey everyone :)

Due to my recent post about me growing my hair really really long, I decided to make a hair source post with tons of photos of long hair :) Kinda like an inspiration sort of thing! :)

By the way, these images are all from Tumblr and blogs :)

Yuria Kushido, LOVE her hair!!

And then I ended up finding images of Gyaru models! (I'm jealous of their amazing hair!)

Sayoko Ozaki <3

Tsubasa Masuwaka... I really love her dark hair than the blonde

Namie Amuro, looove her long curly hair

Koda Kumi - although I think sometimes she wears extensions!

Angelababy! She's so pretty! I found a ton of her photos

Her hair is amazing!

And I LOVE these photos! 

Pinky Savika ; my babes!

Waii - also my babes! <3

Giulia Anghelescu from DJ Project!! Her hair is always fab! Altough I prefer it in Mie D-Nor music video as it was a nice chocolatey brown

Mia Martina <3

Because I love Mia's tan!

Sirusho! She's so pretty!

And then I found photos of ombre hair... and I think ombre hair looks so niiiice on long hair!


The Kardashians... oh how could I forget them?!

Kylie Jenner... I think! I always get confused between Kylie and Kendall

Kourtney Kardashian :)

XiaXue! <3 LOVE her old long hair... she had it cut a few months ago but nonetheless, it still looks lovely :)

Cheesie! <3

Aud & Cheesie

I really love her hair this colour, and when it's curled like this! I want my hair like that! Omg -jealous-

And last but not least - Jane Chuckei

I've been reading her blog loads more recently and I loooove her hair! It still looks healthy and glossy despite her dying it every so often!

Anyway, I hope you liked this sort of stalkerish post on long hair :) and got inspiration for hair styles or even hair colour :)

~ xoxo


  1. I love long hair!! I wear extensions to make me hair 16' just purchased a new set of 20' :) so you have given me loads of ideas about how to wear it! xx

    1. :D You're welcome! Looking forward to seeing how the extensions look! :) xx

  2. waw ... like barbie ... i love girls like that


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