Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Soft Finish Makeup

If you're like me, and you loooooove wearing makeup. You will find that time to time makeup can cause you to break, and it can also look really heavy depending on what foundation to choose.

But... I've found a way around having a heavy coverage - without it actually looking like you've piled on makeup! :)

So.. what is the answer?

A Stippling Brush! 

The difference between a foundation brush and a stippling brush is the density. A foundation brush is tightly packed with bristles, and it can leave your makeup looking a little streaky or packed on in certain areas. 

However, a stipple brush can be used to buff foundation onto your skin, evenly layering your foundation onto your face and it will all be blended out. Giving you a matte, even and natural looking finish :)

For this I chose to use a cream concealer : Benefit - Boi-ing!

The other foundations I have here are by Fashion Fair and MAC. I think cream foundations/ concealers/ blushes work really well with a stipple brush :)

So you basically just swirl and tap the brush around in the product, bit by bit. 

And then you just buff it onto your face. You can keep adding more and more foundation /concealer and build it up onto the areas you need it most :)

The final look.

You can see that despite me using quite a bit of product, it doesnt look really cakey. And my skin looks quite natural!

I've also found that using a cream concealer with a stipple brush, my face has been less oily and my skin hasn't broke out :)

~ xoxo


  1. I really need to get myself a stippling brush ASAP lol. Great post :)


  2. Hey! I nominated you for the liebster/versatile blogger award!

  3. Great post. That my next brush on the list. Gonna try Thanks..

  4. Great post. That my next brush on the list. Gonna try Thanks..

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