Friday, 19 October 2012

SKINFOOD Dark Salmon Concealer

Hey everyone :)

I bought this concealer from (along with my Skin79 Oriental Gold BB Cream :D) and I'm going to review it!

SKINFOOD are an Asian brand, known for their amazing skincare and makeup range - I know a lot of people are raving about their facemasks and undereye creams!

I had bought this in the Dark Shade, as I was looking for a concealer that did the trick of providing coverage, without being so yellow toned - as I am rather pale!

The tub itself is pretty big (despite how it looks in these photos!), but a bit goes a long way!

One thing I don't like about it, is that it's in a jar... which can be a little annoying to get the product out - especially if you have long nails like me!

I like to scoop a little out and warm it up on the back of my hand, before patting it on my under eye circles!

This concealer does provide medium coverage - which is great if you're like me with owl eyes haha! 

One thing I'm going to mention is the scent of this concealer - as it isn't really the best smelling concealer out there. It sort of smells like... food? I don't know why. But I noticed that when I first used it, and it still has that scent about it!

As you can see, the concealer is quite thick! And does require patting motions to make sure it blends nicely onto your skin :)

When I use this concealer, I always make sure to set it with powder as this can create creases if you have oily eyelids! 
This cocnealer can make your face look a little dewy - if you like rocking that healthy youthful look. But it may make you look a little greasy - but it can be resolved with a light dusting off setting powder :)

~ xoxo

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