Thursday, 25 October 2012


Okay, well not actual shopping. 

I spent some of my free time looking through Kingsgate shopping centre - because I've not been there in ages!! I found some really cute things, however I'm super skint... but it doesn't  hurt to look :)

I went into Catwalk (I think they're a Huddersfield based shop as I've never seen it anywhere else before) - and despite it being a small kinda shop, they have some really really nice things in there!

I really want a simple coloured hoody, as most of the ones I have are grey or monochrome. Catwalk have a ton of hoodies of different colours - from reds to blues to purples to black etc.

A skull cardigan. I've seen these loads in shops, and I'm starting to warm to them. I didn't really like the look of them first, however they look like the type of clothing item that will go with anything :)

Superman hoody! I've never seen this hoody in a shop before, and I thought it was so cute haha :)

I love leopards/tigers on my clothing!

(I tried this on, scroll down to see my outfit pictures :D)

Looks really snuggly and warm :)

These two are made of a different material... it's not wool or fur. But kinda like furry cotton/wool. I don't know haha! 
But it was soooooo warm! It looks like the kinda material that would itch you, however it was really soft on the skin and comfortable! 

I liked how this sweater had the ombre effect too haha!

This knitted sweater came in red, light-ish beige and a dark beige. 

It also had a studded accent on them, and I'm really liking clothing items that has studs and spikes on them!

I LOVE this!!!! This was a really long sort of sweater with a leopard face on it! It's a really casual sort of top that can go with either skinny jeans or leggings.

It had diamantes on it too - which gave it a bit more...erm... 'oomph'? Haha! But I would've preferred it without the diamantes.

The leopard/tiger face on the back.

The main sweater bit was pretty loose and comfy - but the sleeves were fitted like a regular top. 

I really really really want this top haha! I can't remember how much it was though and I will probably wait til it's on sale and I get paid from sponsored blog posts or something haha!

I went to look around in other shops, like House of Fraser, New Look, H&M, Boots etc.
Some more photos:

Some really cute shoes! - Also from Catwalk

House of Fraser are selling Christmas items already!! Omg! The christmas trees look so pretty... although... it's only October! Still have at least a month to pass first haha :P

Mmmmm Cookies & Cream edition of Lindt chocolates #love

These look super cute! You're The Balm hahahah

Ted Baker bags omg! They look cute! 

I love this! It's on the inside of the bag... feels really personal haha

CUTE purses omg!

LOVE the colour of this bag! And the bow makes it look so cute and pretty... Ted Baker items always looks so professional but fashionable too!

Ted says, "The more you give, the more you get"


I've read a few of the Ted Baker catalogues, and they have little quotes and stuff from Ted. I think it's a lovely personal touch on the items :3

Then I went to look at Superdry stuff... And I didn't know they had a nail polish collection?

With a selection of really lovely colours!

I really liked the red winter hooded cardigan behind the grey one :)

I saw these two sweaters in New Look - I really like the red one! :)

A scarf from H&M, it almost looks like a blanket haha but I like the colours! It fits the cold season, and looks good with almost everything you wear :)

Onto Boots...

Now Boots have already started stocking and selling their Christmas packages, and some of them really are gifts that are hard to find.

I thought these were so cute! It's Starbucks mugs and hot chocolate yummmyyyyy.

I love Starbucks! :3

OMG so much Soap & Glory!!!!!!!

Maybelline have launched their newest foundation, concealer, powder and blushers called "Fit Me". And there are so many shades that are meant to 'fit' peoples skin tones rather than mask it.

I tried the testers and I fit under the "Medium Skin" and I'm a 225 :) (if anyone fancies to buy me it :P haha jk!)

MaxFactor nail polishes! Look at the huge variety of colours, so pretty!

Testing out Revlon's lipbutters and balm stain sticks! Whenever I leave Boots, my hand is usually covered with swatches of different colours haha!

I've never come across Essie before, but they have tons of different nail polishes in all shades! 

Last but not least, I was looking at hair dyes. I really want to dye my hair lighter (after New Years) and then go over it with a White Toner - so it's not all brassy/yellowish!

Woah... so many photos... hope you enjoyed this post haha! What do you think of the clothes I tried on?

~ xoxo


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