Sunday, 21 October 2012

Running out of blog ideas?

Hey everyone :)

*UPDATE: I made a video on tips for blogging ideas, and how to make money through blogging*

A few days ago, I was in the middle of a conversation with a friend about blogging and she has a blog - however she hasn't posted on there in ages which is a shame. And anyway she was like, "You blog everyday?" and I was like, "Yupp, I always try and make time to write up a post everyday". And she was like, "Wow.. how do you have so many blog ideas!?"

"Well... I write about whatever". 

As vague as that sounds, it's true. You can make a blog post about absolutely anything - but you do have to make it interesting so that people feel inclined to read it :P

And I know that bloggers out there do stumble when blogging, and go through the whole 'bloggers block' where they feel completely out of ideas. But not to worry, that's just a phase!
I thought I'd make a blog post full of ideas and ways for you to get inspired for blog ideas and future posts :)

But first of all, if you're experiencing the crappy 'Bloggers Block', here's some key advice:
- If you're completely out of ideas, just stop thinking.
Give yourself time out, have a break from looking at the computer / notebook. It just takes the pressure off! 
I know how hard it can be when you're trying to write up a blog post when you're feeling unmotivated, or out of inspiration. And it sucks.
Go out and take a walk, watch a movie, go shopping, or do something that doesn't involve a computer or thinking about writing!

Getting ready to blog:
I know it can be hard to sit in front of a computer and start tapping away at the keyboard, so do whatever you can to feel comfortable, but also work efficiently :)
For me, I'm much better when I'm sat at a desk and the table is high too... I can't work when the desk is too low haha. My most comfortable place is the kitchen - as it's the place where I do all of my University work, there's a TV here too for background noise and I'm only a few steps away from the kettle.
Where... I make my cup of tea. And I can go through 1-3 cups of tea when I'm working... It helps to keep me working, comfortable and also motivated :)

Find whatever that helps you keep motivated but also not under pressure :) And you will find that you're able to blog happily :D

The first main thing you can blog about is:
Facts about you. How your day was. What did you do? What did you watch? Did you go anywhere interesting? When was the last time you went on holiday? What is your favourite food? Do you have any dreams and goals that you wish to pursue? If so, what are they?
Things like that, they're worth blogging about because someone out there wants to know more about you!

And if you're wanting to write loads more blog posts, then read ahead :)

The first steps to getting inspiration:
- Take a blank piece of paper
- In the middle of the paper, write 'Blog Posts'
- Then draw lines off that middle title, and write these main topics: Food, Travel, Beauty, Politics, Entertainment, Facebook/Twitter, Life. (Things like that)
- And then off these subheadings, write things like: Hair, Skincare, Holidays, What's On TV, Latest Releases, Healthy recipes, Chocolate, Makeup Looks, Thing's I've Bought, Games, Beaches. (and other things that may pop into your mind whilst writing this down!)

These are the main topics you will refer to when you're experiencing Bloggers Block :) and hopefully they will help to spark some inspiration for you!

These topics can be turned into specific blog posts. 
E.g 'What I hate about Facebook', 'My Skincare Routine', 'How To make the BEST French Toast', 'The time I went to the beach', 'Maybelline Mascara review?', 'What I heard on the train today'.

These are just examples of different blog posts, but you see how each of these topics can create different types of posts. They don't necessarily have to be a review, or recipe, or a day-to-day thing.... But it can also be things you like, or dislike, or your favourite, or it can even be a bit of gossip!

But! If you're still struggling to make blogposts, then you could always Google different posts or challenges, like a 10 Day Music Challenge or a 30 Day Photo Challenge. And that helps to create ideas for blog posts - and helps you to keep posting on your blog more :)

But most importantly, DON'T steal or copy other bloggers content!

I hope you've found this helpful! 
As these are steps that I take when I write up new blog posts, and I usually try to write up 3 blog posts per sitting and queue them up for the next few days. Just incase I don't have time to blog on a particular day OR I'm having an uncreative day haha!

(just adding a bit of cuteness to this post - one of Nemo's kittens =^.^=)
~ xoxo


  1. Great post! I usually don't write up any of the topics you used as examples as I tried to stay on reviews..but maybe I should jazz it up a bit. Thanks for the tips and sharing.


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