Sunday, 7 October 2012

REVITALIFT BB Cream review ~

Oooh la laa, look what I received in the post :)

A small box? Oooh, that is it?

Then I remmebered, I had ordered some samples of the L'Oreal Revitalift BB Cream! Haha :) As there is so much hype these days over BB Creams (and the ones that I've used so far haven't been that great) I decided to try this out. Plus it was a free sample so I thought why not :P

So this BB Cream is maainly targeted at middle aged ladies as the properties of the cream have anti wrinkle stuff, but I wanted to try it out anyway :)

You know when you read quotes like this from people that have used the product, it kinda makes you wonder if they're really telling the truth. Hmm...

So this came with 3 sample sachets! And one is enough to cover the entire face, and also some more for extra areas where you may need more coverage :)

My bare face. I know it looks scary >.< haha
But... have you noticed how my acne has actually cleared up and I'm left with a bit of scarring?

Putting it in areas I needed it... 
This cream has pretty decent coverage, so I would say medium coverage! One layer is enough to hide most blemishes and even out skintones and redness. I needed a bit more so I built up on those areas with extra BB Cream.

So as you can see, it's evened out my skin without making it look cakey. You can still see some of my blemishes, but it still looks natural.

 I'm sooooo surprised with the colour of this BB Cream as it came in the shade Medium. And I thought, "Ugh it's going to be too dark for me" as majority of BB Creams have been. However this was the perfect shade for me! Totally love it!!

This BB Cream was lovely on my skin, it felt light and soft and made my skin look healthy! Despite it being a perfect match to my skin colour, it also had this lovely glow about it which I loved! It's actually made me consider getting a bit of a golden tan (yeah! A brown girl can tan! :P)

The only thing that I don't really like is the actual price of it, because it's almost £20 at Boots! :( However I really really would love to buy this in the future once my foundations have ran out!

I think that this BB Cream would be perfect in the summer as it's lightweight and makes you look refreshed and glowing!

P.S: It can be a little bit oily after a while so be sure to blot/powder your face! :)

 Have you tried out this BB Cream?

I hope this review was helpful! :)

~ xoxo

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