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Pros & Cons of the Xperia Mini Pro

Hey everyone :)

I blogged several months ago about my new Sony Ericsson XPERIA Mini Pro, basically the unboxing of it and how it's presented etc. Read the post here!

So I wanted to make a review on it :) and just highlighting the pros and cons about the phone.

First thing's first - the phone.
It's one of the smallest phones in the market; and while some people underestimate it's power - it's a phone that gets the job done, and some more. It's a touch screen phone with two three buttons: "Back", "home" and "Options" - the main things you need anyway.

And the QWERTY keyboard slides out which makes it really really really handy! You can use the on screen keyboard if  you want, however I prefer to use the keyboard. It's useful if you're one of those who love to text, or you blog a lot or you type a lot on Facebook - that kinda thing.

It's a small phone, however it is really bulky too! So if you like your slim sort of phones (like the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy) then this design won't impress you.

It has WiFi - which is a necessity! Meaning you can have all of the communication apps which will save you from texting e.g Whatsapp.

This phone may be small... and people have actually said "Oh it's a small phone, what is it good for?" and well... DON'T underestimate this bad boy.
The camera is actually really awesome compared to a lot of other phone cameras... take a look at some of the really good shots I've taken with it:

I took the phone with me when I went on holiday to Egypt and I got some really amazing shots!

The camera focuses really well, the best time to take photographs is during the day when you have a lot of light. There is the little capture button on the side of the phone..which is a bit of a pain to use as the button is so small. However you're given the option to tap the screen to take the photo :) and that is my preferred option.

The front camera isn't so great... it's not of a great quality and I prefer using the camera on the back of the phone.

As you can see, the quality of the front camera isn't that good and I hardly take photos with it! 

Some of the apps I use with the phone:

Shazam! I LOVE using this, especially when I hear something in a shop and I'm wanting to know who sings it!

Google Adsense - Yeah I'm always checking my blog moneys haha!

This is one of the screens I had a while ago, you can move different 'widgets' onto the home screen (and there are 5 home screens). So for me, I have a Google search, YouTube search, Facebook, Twitter, Notes, Google Adsense, Blogger, Web etc widgets :)

It's so handy having all of these widgets on the home screen as you can just tap whichever you want.

The browser is awesome too, as I'm able to check my blog stats, websites etc and it's fine :)

There is also a  navigation app which is really handy!! I've used this a couple of places including in London when we were struggling to find an alternate route to a cinema near Feltham haha! 

I use Giff Gaff with my phone, and it's great as it allows you to have Unlimited Web data (although it is rather slow and some days it has black outs), which a lot of my apps do require internet access!

- The camera is amazing
- QWERTY Keyboard
- You can see previous messages (it shows it like a conversation rather than individual text messages)
- A huge range of apps you can download from the Google Play Store :)
- It runs on Android software, so a lot of the apps found on the App Store can be found on the Google Play Store
- It's small and cute, with so much to offer!
- You can multi task with it ; play music while browsing the internet!
- Mine came with a USB cord, so I can plug it into the computer to charge it up

- I have a 32GB memory card in my phone, and around 10GB of it is used, thus making my phone SLOW! And I've experienced my  phone crashing quite a bit :/ Which I really hate!
- Because it's touch screen, it sometimes might not respond to your tapping if your hands are super cold
- Not so great front camera quality
- The camera button is a bit too small so you can't press it down well without you hand spazzing a bit
- Despite it being small, it is rather bulky. If you like your slim Samsung Galaxy / iPhone-like slimness, then don't consider this phone

I hope you liked this review :) and I'm actually really wanting a new phone (and to review it too! haha) 
I love playing with new phones and gadgets so it's something that really interests me
~ xoxo

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  1. the quality of those pictures still surprises me! And I'm talking about the back camera obviously ;d. I've had my Nokia Lumia for about a month now, and to be honest, the camera on this thing is supposed to be 8mp, but you'd never say it. Unless the lighting is perfect, you can't take decent photos. and the flash makes you look like you're glowing like a firefly.

    I did consider this phone too though, because I read your first post about it! But like you said it's a bit bulky, and I didn't really want that :D.


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