Wednesday, 17 October 2012

PONDS Flawless White, without the controversy

In Asia, there is this huge hype about being fair skinned, and lighter. And with this hype, there have been tons of products that are on the market (which aren't available here in the UK), and these products target those with darker skin tones who wish to be lighter.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am comfortable with the shade that I am, infact, I want to go opposite. I want a lovely glowing tan, because being quite light for an Indian girl can be a little annoying. I can't find makeup that properly suits me, and if I do, it generally costs a lot (MAC have my NC 30 shade on point!). 

There is so much controversy that this product has caused, as the advert for this product showed a woman who couldn't get a guy she liked, simply because she was darker skinned. And then she used this product, and she all of a sudden became lighter AND got the guy. Which I find is super ridiculous!
I really do disagree with the message being delivered there, as I don't think skin colour should have anything to do with a relationship. Or appearance rather.

However, I saw this product online and this was before my mum had gone to India. So I asked her to pick it up for me. 

PONDS Flawless White moisturiser aims to lighten the skin, but also be a moisturiser. I only used this for the purpose of fading my acne scarring, as at the time, it was a lot more visible and worse than it is now!

It's quite a big tub like this, and the lid is a little weird to unscrew :S It's even worse trying to screw the lid back on with oily hands haha!

One thing I dislike about the design, is that it's a tub. Meaning you will have to dip your fingers into the tub to get the product out. I much prefer tube or pump like containers!

There is a lot of product in here, and you don't need that much to be honest! As you can see, I've only used it a little bit.

I'm not quite keen on the scent of this cream, as it's heavily perfumed! It's a nice scent, however I felt a bit awkward using something that was so fragranced, on my skin as it could cause an irritation.
However, this didn't irritate my skin at all! :)

I'd generally apply this on my face, and more on the areas I needed this, after washing my face. This was in the morning and evening.
It didn't break me out at all, and it was great underneath my makeup :)

It looks like this, however it does blend well :)
It looks a little bit shimmery in the pot, almost pearly. But don't worry, it won't make your face look glittery at all haha!

As for moisturising, it's not the best moisturiser. After I applied this on my face, I felt that my skin had absorbed the product... but more like drank it up. Which is unusual because my skin hardly ever does that! 
It doesn't leave your skin greasy or oily, like most moisturisers do. It makes your face matte, and feel matte too.

Ah!!! Now I remembered why I hadn't used it much. Basically, it got to winter time and with the cold weather, my skin became extrememly dry! And this product wasn't really helping my dry skin, and instead, I had opted for Nivea night cream, which works wonders :)

As for my acne scars, I saw that they had faded within a month of using this :) Which was awesome! It managed to reduce the appearance of my acne scarring gradually, as this product works pretty slowly. However it does do the trick of fading the scars!

I'm not quite sure if it had lightened my skin though, as I'm naturally quite pale and I saw no difference to my skin tone :)

~ xoxo


  1. My cousin and mum both have quite a lot of scarring and have told me to look out for products to help with that. I'm quite hesitant to recommend something marketed as a 'whitening' product because of the things you mentioned in the post but I guess if it works? Hmmm, will have to take a look x

    1. Yeah it's worth a try though, these things really do help to fade acne scarring. I'm not too sure on how it actually works to lighten the skin though xx


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