Friday, 26 October 2012

Paranormal Activity 5...already?!

It's only been a week since Paranormal Activity 4 has been released (here in the UK) and wow.. they've already started marketing campaigns for Paranormal Activity 5.
And I've not seen the 4th one yet... so it feels like a little bit of a spoiler. But it doesn't stop me from doing more research haha! 

So this guy, Kingsley:

He tweeted about this user on Twitter called Jacob Degloshi:
"The viral marketing for Paranormal Activity 5 has already begun - with Twitter account  posting vids like "

There is also a Facebook -  - posting creepy statuses & discovering footage from the past 3 films.

So I've decided to follow this Jacob Degloshi dude (and he followed me back #lolwtf) and it is quite creepy the videos and stuff he is posting.
But I just keep thinking, It's all fake, so whatever. Not like that Tobi ghostie is coming after me...

"Jacob Degloshi" and 'daughter "Sarah"'

There are some really really really weird tweets that have been posted though (about his 'daughter' Sarah)... I know this is just a fake Twitter account for the characters... but OMG I can't help thinking it's all real!

I was a little confused earlier as to who these characters are - but my sister saw the 4th one on the day it was released and explained that Hunter (the baby) was adopted by Jacob and his wife (who are going through a separation). Sarah is obv their daughter
OR, this Degloshi family have moved into Christi's old house (by the looks of the other videos) and the VHS' tapes he found, belonged in the house?

So here are some of the disturbing yet fake tweets..

"Coincidences don't happen this often. What's happening to Sarah is just like the tape I posted last night."

"My TV keeps randomly coming on. I have a ghost that likes to watch TV. GREAT.   "

"Keep getting woken up by weird noises. Sarah seeems to be sleeping fine."

And the video clips....

He claimed this video tape was lying in Sarah's bag. And this is the video of Hunter's mum and auntie - these clips can also be seen in the previous PA films

A recent one of the house... he tweeted before about the TV randomly switching on and off..
I read in the comment section that it could be some sort of morse code message.. but I ceebs with that and prefer to just watch the movie when it's completed ha #lazyass

Ohh last but not least, this was creepy! Just.. watch it.
BUT I'm a little bit confused. The effects of PA so far have been of decent quality... but... why isn't there a reflection of Sarah in the mirror?

I mean... the PA producers couldn't have messed up on that right, surely they'd notice it.
Maybe they're onto something? Oooooooh.

Anyway, I think it's quite a cool way of starting this campaign on Paranormal Activity 5! The videos have got comments from so many people (who are actually believing it's all real haha!) but I guess that's part of making it viral.

Although.. I'm a little disappointed that there is going to be a 5th one... like why couldn't they finish off the franchise with just the four movies?

Did you like any of the Paranormal Activity movies?

~ xoxo

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