Monday, 8 October 2012

Omg, you've dyed your hair again?!

I think I've got a problem..

In the past year, my hair has gone through so many colourings...

Christmas '11, where I had gotten highlights earlier that summer, then dyed it a dark cherry colour. It had faded out leaving it like this...

March '12, where my hair hadbeen lightened several times with the Schwarzkopt XXL Platinum Blonde, it made a chunk of my hair ashy Platinum blonde, but I ended up dying over it with a brown shade and well... got my hair cut :/

June '12, when it was growing out...

July '12, where I had dyed it Dark Tulip with La Riche Directions

It looks a lot redder here, but it was the same colour :)

August '12, when the colour had faded, and left my hair a copper/goldish colour :)

But 2 weeks ago, I had decided to dye over my hair with the Dark Tulip hair dye again, and it ended up like this. Bits of red, purple, pink ombre going on there!

Then, the colour started fading (already) as I hadn't used as much of it as I'd used before..

So it went much redder. Yeah that's my hair when I flip it in front of my face haha :P

And I got bored of it and got another colour.

To now...


I had dyed over the reddish colour with La Riche Directions in Violet, and its made my hair really ombre looking. As it goes from a dark brown (my roots and top of my hair), to red, to pink, to purple! It looks really awesome :)

The purple isn't too overpowering, as there are subtle streaks and tints in my hair. So my hair almost looks two toned :)

But... I've already decided on my next hair colour :X

I'd LOVE something like this:

LOVE J.Lo! (We have the same birthday #TeamLEO)

Just a really lovely warm brown colour with golden streaks :) I think I'll be attmeting this after Christmas though :)

~ xoxo

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