Thursday, 4 October 2012

October Wishlist ~

Wow, another month has rolled past and we're not getting any younger... Ey, so much for an optimistic intro :P
Nah, I love how time is kinda going by fast :) And University is keeping me busy and I really want to do well this year and next! Blogging has becoming my way of 'winding down'; so after a long stressful day of lectures and commuting on trains - settling in front of the computer with my cuppa to write on here, is super relaxing :)

And I've written up wishlists and monthly updates beffore, but I'm going to write up a monthly wishlist from now on because it gives me something to work to (and beyond!)
It's just a way for me to reflect too (so if I've accomplished whatever I've set the past month) I can be like, "Aah I did it!"

So let's go!

1) Advertisers & Sponsors:
I really love writing advertisements for events and social happenings, I really don't care much about the money though but it is a great bonus! I've done a few advertisements for free, and they've been generally quite fun! Like this one: Win £5000 for YOUR birthday
And it's a way of being told a load of information, but you have to be really creative when you write it up! Like it has to be relevant to your blog and fbe entertaining for your readers :)

2) Longer hair:
Haha I know I can't say I want butt-length hair in a month.... but... it would be kinda nice haha! Well... not really that long. But like this:

LOVE Cheesie!! 

3) Followers & Viewers:
I'm SO happy ad greatful of the amount of views I'm getting, I honestly can't keep up with them! It feels like every other day, it's gone up a couple hundred and wow! It's amazing! And I just wish for this to continue and I will still receive lovely comments and emails from International readers! I'm so happy that you guys like my blog :')
It was only last weekend when I was at 55k, and now I'm like a couple 100 away from 60k! It's incredible!

4) Soap & Glory 'Make Yourself Youthful' serum:
I've actually been seeing this product everywhere... even in my dreams...  Okay well maybe not! But I do fantasize about it and I really really want it!! I've been asked to do a couple of advertising posts on my blog and hopefully I will get money that I can buy it with! Fingers crossed!!!

5) Good Grades:
Well actaully, this is probably like a year wish! I really am going to work hard this year and next year with my Uni work, as it's very serious now and grades mean absolutely everything!! I really want to show people that I can work hard and get good grades! :)

6) Keep Blogging:
This is obviously a must, as I really do love blogging and after I found out that it can actually be a benefit with my degree and career afterwards, I'm continuing to work hard on it! :)
But also I love blogging too and it's so therapeutic for me (I know, cringe!) so I don't think I'd ever stop haha! Even after missing a day of not writing something up, I actually get withdrawal symptoms :$ haha!
Blogging has brought me so many opportunities and experiences, and has given me a different sort of appearance (well,,, how others see me. Like people feel that they know me better when reading my blog)

~ xoxo

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