Saturday, 13 October 2012

Natural Collection Haul

Hey everyone :)

For those of you living outside of the UK, Natural Collection is a UK brand that delivers a wide range of beauty products (from Foundations to blushers to eye makeup to nail polishes) and the great thing about it, is that it's totally inexpensive!!

Each item is £1.99 or below! I recently bought a mascara from them which is ok, not the best but I just needed a mascara to last me a little while :)

So here are some items I have by Natual Collection:


These are the two lipsticks I've got, Pink Orchid and Autumn Sunset. As you can see they're different types as one is a Moisture Shine and the other is a Sheer Natural

Pink Orchid is a colour I wouldn't wear on a daily basis, however the colour is really really good for the price! It's very pigmented and coloured, however it's not very moisturising. Butt his can be solved with an application of lipbalm prior to usingthe lipstick :)
The Autumn Sunset is a very soft colour that works very well for a nude lip. So for days when you want to look like you're wearing no makeup, or even if you have very dramatic eyemakeup on, then this shade lipstick is a must!

Two lipglosses :) The small tube lipgloss is my favourite...

I use the Raspberry Ripple as a highlight or just as a quick gloss over my lips as it's quite frosty! I wouldn't wear it on it's own, as it's the kind of colour that will make me look really ill haha!

As you can see the Raspberry Ripple is a very light baby pink shade! 
Lychee Twist is a lovely shade, however it's not too pigmented. So you can wear it to make your lips look more supple. It adds a slight tint of colour to your lips and doesn't contain any glittery specks in it, so it looks pretty natural :)

A lip liner :)

Their lip liners are great for the price, they're easy to apply and soft, so you can blend it  pretty well! I can't remember the colour I got, but it's almost my normal lip colour but a little on the peach side.

Last and least, the Tinted Moisturiser..

I had bought this several months ago after realising all of the products were £1.99 haha. So I had used it once, and it was pretty good for a first try. When using this, you may need to build it up for more coverage! The colour was quite a good match for me too, so I was quite pleasant.

However, whilst using PanOxyl 10 Aqua Gel - where it literally dries up your skin like crazy! - This was the worst product to use! It enhances your dry skin no matter how much you moisturise beforehand, and well, it's a great product if you have perfect skin!

As you can see, the colour is a decent match for my skin, but the fornula of it is a bit too liquidy, and doesn't have as much coverage as I'd desired!

I know other bloggers have reviewed this product and they find that it's great for them, and I guess it depends on the individulas type!

Hopefully I can try this out again when my skin isn't so dry and maybe I might end up liking it haha :)

~ xoxo

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