Sunday, 14 October 2012

My Mission For Longer Hair

Hey everyone :)

If you've been a reader of my blog for a while, you will know that I DREAM of having super long hair, and I often post photos of Waii a lot, as I think her hair is amazing <3

 So after reading  Kerys' blog here, I am on a mission to take more care of my hair! So this post is more inspired by her, and her hair care routine :)

At the end of January, I went for a hair trimming, which ended up being a haircut!

As you can see, it was short!

The hair dresser had chopped a large amount of hair, giving me short layers - which are an absolute pain to grow out! (They've only just managed to grow past my jawbone area)
And my hair is well..... like this right now:

It may look long, but I can guarantee you that it isn't!

So after reading Kerys' blogpost, I've decided to help treat my hair and ensure that it grows healthier, thicker and longer :) (faster haha!)

So what am I going to do?

- Folic Acid : Folic Acid is known to help care for hair and nails, and also Iron in your blood! Some people may disagree that Folic Acid works, but I do think it works! You will notice that your hair has grown (as I took it previously for a month, and within that time, my hair grew about an inch!)

- Conditioner : Aah! Yep, I'm one of those that don't care for conditioning my hair! I don't know why. I just think it's extra hassle and makes my hair greasy much quicker. However, I will start using a conditioner, as the times when I have used it, it helps to make my hair tangle free, silky soft and managable!

- Argan Oil : Now this is a product I love using! It's a lovely sweet sceneted oil that is well known for helping hair, a great heat protector, and is in numerous skin care items! I usually apply this on the ends of my hair after it is towel dried! This helps my hair become dry quicker, and also leaves my hair looking really soft and sleek!

I hardly use straighteners anymore, as my hair is naturally eavy - which I do like! So I've managed to not use straighteners for several months now, as I find that it enhances my split ends, and also doesn't do a great job on making my hair look healthy!

So anyway, I will be keeping you updated on my mission for longer hair, as I want lovely long locks that I can do pretty things with (I only want to make a hair bow haha wtf!)

And this is the exact hair bow I want to do:

I've tried this before, and despite that I am able to make a small bow ; all of my shorter layers would stick out, or fall out of the bun and just ends up looking messy. Ah... Cheesie's hair is to die for!!

Last but not least, XiaXue's amazingly long and pretty hair! Jealous!

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~ xoxo


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