Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Little Talks

To start off with...
Of Monsters & Men

I really really like this song, I remember I heard this a few times but I didn't manage to get the name of it. Then it was on the other day and BAM, I whipped out Shazam and yeah... been listening to it ever since! 

I've been busy, so busy that I'm having to write this up now and schedule it to post later this week.

I always make lists of things I have to do, coz otherwise I'm just too lazy and this helps to make me feel more organised. I'm one of those where I need a diary and write in it with bright colours, so that I'm more motivated to do things :P

Sooo, I've been bombarded with a ton of University assignments - which are quite tedious - but not so much now that I think about it. I organised it all and planned everything out, so now I'm not as stressed out with it :)

One of my assignments is to create an event, and do all of the preparation for it. 
So planning things like:
- The venue
- Entertainment
- Food/Drinks
- Celebrity guests
- The main event
- Interviews

It's all really exciting as my event is a really fun one, and I had an initial idea of what I wanted to do - but I added some things and made it waaay better! It's still the same, but more exciting.

I'll blog about it some more when it's completed, as I don't fancy blogging about it when I haven't even properly started it :P

My other assignments consist of an essay plan about the internet (yeah, I have to write an essay about Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google etc... not bad ey ;D), another essay about the friggin history of newspapers -snooze- But the rest are pretty fun as they are more creative. 

I have other assignments too that involve going out with video cameras, and also using Photoshop / InDesign which is pretty fun as I know tons about it :)

Some of my videos so far have funny parts in it.... Just take a look ;)


We had to go out and record interviews, and ask, 
"What do you like about Huddersfield and why?" 

It was just a practice recording as we're still getting used to filming and uploading media onto the computer, but this is so hilarious hahahah.

 I'm going to edit the video this week in class, and try and upload it on here :)

And last but not least, some photos of my eye from The BEST Eyeliner review post. 
I didn't post these photos so I've posted them here haha :)

~ xoxo

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