Saturday, 6 October 2012

Intense Shadow

Have you ever got one of these before, and never really wondered what to do with it?

Tehy're meant to be like eyeshadows right? But they're just too creamy.. and well.. they don't really show up on your eyelid. (Well.. the silver one does)
So you have a few cream eye shadows.. that aren't really good.

They may not be great on their own, but they're awesome when applied under powder eyeshadows!

I had used the light blue shade around the inner corner of my eye. Blue isn't really my colour, however, the blue eyeshadow I've got is really intense and I wanted to be a little creative with the colours :)
Also, the brighter and colourful the colours, the better example I can show on here :)

I used this lovely bright blue shade and packed it onto the shimmery blue cream shadow..

See how intense it looks! If I had applied this without the cream base, it wouldn't look so vibrant. And notice the colour is only in the area I applied the base?

The loose eyeshadow powder will stick onto the lid, making it last longer too :)

I added the lovely purple shade to the rest of the lid and also on the bottom lash line area

Then taking this dark blue colour, I created a V shape along the crease and blended it out. I wanted to keep the centre of the lid purple, and left it without any shadow. It looks so soft and helps the colours blend together

The colours sorta remind me of a peacock (well, without the green) haha)

And finish off with a bit of black eyeliner on the waterline and upper lash line (ever so slightly) and two coats of mascara :) 

That was what I had come up with when I used these cream eyeshadow colours. They make the eyeshadow really pop out, and that purple shade is by far my favourite!
Obviously, this isn't a look that I'd wear daily haha, but it was fun playing around with different colours that I normally wouldn't wear!

~ xoxo

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