Friday, 12 October 2012


Hello everyone :)

In the last post I mentioned how I'm ill. Yep, I hate being ill. But I hate going to hospitals more
And that's what I did last night :(

Yesterday felt like it took forever. Despite being ill already, going to Uni and commuting and walking loads can give me such a bad headache. And in case you're unaware, I have lung problems too that I was born with, so I always end up getting quite ill during this time of year... Grrr I hate British winters!

So as soon as I got home yesterday (around 8pm) I complained to my sister in law about feeling really unwell... and this is partially my fault. I usually have inhalers and I've ran out of them. I thought I could shift this 'cold' with the help of lemsip and good nights sleep - I was wrong!

The paramedics came to check me out... "woah woah, paramedics?!" I know, sounds really serious but I can guarantee you that it wasn't. They checked everything and said all I needed was my inhaler, as my heart rate and everything else was fine :)

It was either going to the doctors today, or going with the paramedics to get my medicines.

Guess what I did.

I went with the paramedics, unknowing that I'd be there til 3am!!!

I keep thinking how I should've gone to the doctors, but it was all good as I got a lot of tests done and I haven't had a thorough checkup in a few years.

I got my inhaler and medicine to help shift my cold/flu/freshers flu... whatever it is haha! I've noticed a lot of people are ill at the time, and it sucks because Uni is so important right now and we can't really afford to miss it! However I've spent all day at home just resting and doing extra Uni work as I've missed classes today and don't really want to fall behind!

My Magazine Design scrapbook, I sticking things in, writing and analysing layouts!

 I'm feeling tons better now and thought I'd write up a little update :) I hope you are all well and get ready for the very cold winter ahead!!

Haha I guess I look decent for someone who isn't well. Btw, do you like my huge scarf? It's from Tescos (haha I know, but they have some nice things) and it's sooo warm and snuggly! :)
~ xoxo

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