Saturday, 27 October 2012

Garnier's BB Cream isn't the best.

Hey everyone :)

With all of this BB Cream hype in the world now, and many beauty brands are releasing their own BB Creams, I've tried out a few.
However, the only one that is really great is the L'Oreal REVITALIFT BB Cream, which I reviewed here.

The Garnier BB Cream, is one I had bought around the time it was released. And personally, that had put me off BB Creams to be honest.

As Garnier is a brand with really great skincare, I thought their BB Cream would live up to this standard too, however I was disappointed.

The size of the tube is great, as you do get a lot of product to use :) I bought this in the shade Medium. 
After watching the adverts, I honestly thought this BB Cream would be as great as it was advertised.

Despite this being a Medium shade, I found that it was a little too dark, and had a bit of a reddish tone? Rather than a yellowish tone. So it made my existing scarring look a litte purple, which isn't a great look :S

I found the coverage being quite light, as most BB Creams are. However this can be buildable, and you can get the desired coverage you want. But with the colour being a different shade to my skin tone, I didn't want to risk my face looking a different colour.

I found that the cream itself was quite streaky, and even if you blended it, it would be more of a moisturiser than a BB Cream - as it is meant to be thicker than a tinted moisturiser but less heavy than a foundation!

It makes your face look quite oily, but this can be resolved by applying a setting powder on top. 

The main problem with this BB Cream, is that is BROKE ME OUT! It made my skin break out like crazy. I don't know if it's because it's quite oily as it is, or there is something with the product.

I had tried this mulitple times, all on different months and I found that every time, I would get a little break out :(

So I'm not happy with this BB Cream, and it's just sat around in my makeup drawer haha!

Have you tried this BB Cream? If so, how did you find it?

~ xoxo

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  1. I tried this BB as well.. and I really disliked it. I'm not sure what Garnier are classing as BB creams, but this definitely wasn't one of them! -_-
    I also found it really oily as well, I had to keep applying powder throughout the day to counter-act this~ and then ended up cakey... if I wanted to put on a ton of powder, I would have just used a foundation honestly~ So yeah, I really didn't like this one! :)
    ^here's my review of it :)


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