Friday, 26 October 2012

Faves for XFactor

Who do I want to win this years XFactor?!

Jahmene Douglas:
His voice is just incredible! Deffs a favourite to win this year!
He seems like a really down to earth and humble guy, by just the way he talks to the judges and Dermot O'Leary - and it makes him more likeable.

Rylan Clark:
I know I know, a lot of people dislike him. But why? He's hilarious and is a really awesome entertainer. Doesn't he look like he's having so much fun on stage?!
Okay so maybe I don't think he will win, but I can definitely see him presenting a tv show or something on ITV.

Loadsa of people are bugged when I tell them I actually like Rylan's performance, they always respond with, "But it's a singing competition, he can't sing!"
Well to be honest, I'd rather listen to Rylan than that Kye guy.

I also find it kinda harsh how people are sending him death threats... It's unnecessary and all he wants to do is sing and perform. Let him do it!

James Arthur:
He has his own style of singing and I LOVE this rendition of 'Sexy & I know It'! I don't know why people compare him to Professor Green though... they're really different :S I liked this song and the 'No More Drama' cover he did a week ago!

Ella Henderson:
Just listen to her sing, it's incredible! Her voice is just too amazing for a 16 year old's!!

Lucy Spraggan:
I LOVED this song she sang at the audition, and she seems like a really down to earth person with her own style and originality :)

Well.... my least favourites?

Kye Sones:
I don't know why but I've never liked his performances. He just seems like a singer, that doesn't know who he actually is. And you can see this by how his performances are, because he never seems comfortable and his songs aren't as 'real' as compared to the other contestants.
He has an okay voice, but some of the other contestants have better voices and their individual styles.

And then the other acts I've not mentioned will probably fall under the 'aiiiiiight' label, as they're not bad but not my favourites either!

~ xoxo

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