Monday, 15 October 2012

Dove's Summer Glow - Gradual Self-Tanner Moisturiser REVIEW

I know what you may be thinking: "You're brown already, why do you need to tan!?"

Well despite being naturally brown, I am quite paler than I should be.


(Very old photo!)

And I'd seen quite a few reviews on the Dove's Sumer Glow moisturiser, so I was very intrigued to try it out :)
I've had a spray tan before, and I loved it as it makde me look more golden and healthy. So I was hoping this would have the same results!

I had opted for the Medium to Dark Skin, as there is a mosituriser for lighter skin tones. I wanted the full affect, that would actually be visible :) I'd watched someones YouTube review of this product, and she had recommended getting the darker one (even if you are more lighter), just so you can actually get a good result!

So this product aims to nourish your skin while gradually enhancing your natural skin colour.

"The unique DeepCare Complex includes natural nutrients and rich essential oil to help gradually improve skin starting deep down** (**surface layers of skin)"

By the way, I am hoping to get a tan like this...

Anyone recognise her? Mia Martina who sang the other version of Stereo Love :)
I loooove this tan shade, and I know there is a colour filter on this photo, however I think it looks really nice and exotic! If I got anywhere close to this shade (maybe a little less yellow), I'll definitely be happy!

So let's put it to the test!

After 1 application:

See, I am quite pale! It hasn't really done anything just yet, so it does show it's a gradual tanner. It's not going to make you bronzed overnight! :P

 A slight hint of colour on my arm

After 2 applications:

There  is a slight hint of a glow, comparing to the first set of photos! It's not the shade I want it to be yet...
But I've been able to see a difference, as my arms, shoulders and chest look a little more glowing :)

I've basically applied this to my shoulders, arms, chest, neck, ears, as those are the areas that people will see more (as opposed to my legs/feet...haha)

I had used this around my scne scarring on my chest, as I'm hoping it will help them fade a little bit! It's made them appear less red!

After 3 applications:

You can see that I have gone a little more bronzed now, and my acne scarring on my chest is still there, however it looks a little less visible :D

I think you're able to see it more here! As my shoulders are much more tanned than near my neck area. I think that's because I already had a slight tan there before from when I went to Egypt. It's made my tanned bit look ,pre bronzed, and the other lighter parts, the colour I was when I went on holiday!

My arms are the main place it's picked up the colour most!! My arms look way more radiant than anywhere else, and they look so golden and bronzed :) And I'm no longer looking pale yayyyy

After 4th application:
Okay I don't have a decent photo of my arms/shoulders, as it looks the same in photos as it did after the 3rd application! However in person, it is much more golden!
Trust me!
This tanning moisturiser will actually make you go golden! And I think I will have to miss applying it tonight as I'm loving the golden tanned look :D

Some problems I've had:
Yes, this moisturiser can make your hands look more tanned if you don't wash them! However, for me, they don't look too tanned or anything. you can only see a little bit in the spaces between my fingers. You can only see it if you look really closely. This isn't really a problem for me though!

This was after the 1st application, I found that the colour had really picked up on my arms, however around my wrists it was still pale! I've learned that you need to use the moisturiser more generously in order for it to be really effective! (this photo was after the first application!)

Also, this moisturiser doesn't dry as quickly as I'd like it to! After I apply it, I have to wait ages for it to feel a little bit dry. But it does feel a little clammy and uncomfortable, especially if you apply it just before bed!

I found that this moisturiser - despite it smelling quite fruity once you squeeze a bit out of the tube - does leave a sort of biscuit-y smell. I don't know why, but apparently that's the whole 'fake tan' smell? Not sure! But that biscuit scent does end up going, so you won't be walking around feeling like a McVities haha!

I'm a little disappointed that I can't apply this on my face - well, I think people may try - but this moisturiser is so thick that I don't want it to cause me any breakouts :( So I'm having to try and find a good foundation and bronzer to help it blend in with my neck area. So whilst my body is looking lovely and tanned, my face is still looking as pale as ever :(
I suppose I could try around the areas of my face that haven't been affected with acne, and hope that it just gives me a lovely golden glow :)

I hope you found this review helpful!
~ xoxo

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