Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Caring for your Contact Lenses

Ever since I turned 16, I've worn contact lenses...

(Old photos of me!)

And I've had all sorts of contact lenses ; clear, blue, grey, hazel, pink... Yes! Pink! (See end of this post!) Haha.

And I've always had people come up to me and say, "Are those your real eyes?!"
Pshhht, I wish!

But why have I been wearing them for 4 years then?
Well.. I've been wearing glasses for a lot longer and who wants to wear glasses every single day? Especially for special events like parties and weddings? 

Okay Okay! I'll stop with all of the photos of me now! :P

So when you first start wearing contact lenses, you either go for a trial (which is what most people do) or... you get someone to teach you (which is what I did!) Haha. I went to my opticians for a usual check up, and then I got my prescription, or in other words, the number that say how bad my eyesight is! :P
And my brother ordered me some simple clear contact lenses, and told me how to use them! He'd been wearing them for around 8 years then? So he had a lot of experience with them :)


Here are basic steps that you should follow when wearing and looking aftert your contact lenses!

All of my current contact lenses :) The containers are so cute!!
I always keep my lenses in the bathroom, as I'm literally next to the sink so I can wash my hands!

Btw, washing your hands is REALLY important when using lenses! Make sure that your fingers are clean before handling the lenses, otherwise you can get all sorts of infections happening in your eyes! Which can lead to loss of eyesight (yep! That can happen!)

This is the contact lens solution that I use! Bausch & Lomb - ReNu. It's around £10.99 in Boots and you can get cheaper versions. However this one is a really trusted brand and I feel that my lenses are super refreshed and clean when they've been soaked in this solution!
It's a little pricey, but this bottle is hugeeee and lasts you several months, and you also get a free contact lens case too! :) 

Some of you might be thinking, what is this solution? Why can't I just use water?

NO! It's really dangerous to put lenses in water, you'll basically ruin them. Avoid any type of contact with water when wearing your lenses. Like they always say don't wash your face when wearing them, or don't go in the shower... but I mean... who would go in the shower when wearing lenses :S

So anyway! Here are my lenses :) I always get rid of the solution that is already in there, and let my lesnes soak in fresh solution over night!

Take your lens in teh middle of your palm, and put a few drops of the solution on to it.

Now, RUB! Rub the lenses but not too hard or it might damage them! But just rub it enough so it's clean, and any kinds of dirt will be removed. Also, you will notice that your lenses feel so much better on your eyes once you've done this :)

Then, you just take the lens on a finger, and pop it onto your eye :) There are easy ways of doing this:
Look up (like the top of the wall) and put the lens on to the eye. And don't force it onto the eye. You'lll know when it's comfortably on your eye when you put it on, and it makes this sort of 'pfft' feeling or sound. And you'll know it's properly on your eye :P

This might sound sooo silly how I'm describing it! But it really is like that. And that's how my brother described it when he was teaching me :)

There you have it! :)

Oh, and don't pinch your lenses, try and pick them up with your fingers rather than your nails, as this might scratch them or damage them. Trust me, I've had this happen to a pair of my lenses, and they ended up having a split in the middle :(

A 17 year old me with Pink lenses :P

~ xoxo


  1. I definitely agree with you. Contact lenses can come in handy, especially for special events when wearing eye glasses is a less flattering option. Plus, it can give you a wider peripheral vision than eye glasses. But maintenance is needed to keep your contacts from breaking, contamination or getting lost. If I may add, if you wear cosmetics, be sure to apply them after wearing your lenses. Also while wearing your lenses, avoid having your eyes exposed to cream lotions, hair sprays and hair dryers. Such items will damage your contact lenses and may cause problems for your eyes.

    Thaddeus Harrod

    1. Oh yeah definitely! I really need to add that into this post, I totally forgot about mentioning external products! Thanks!

  2. Hi, I was wondering if you could give me those pairs of contacts when they are overdue? I am in training to be a optometrist! Please i hope you say yes thanks :)

  3. Great advice Ravinder, I've recently started wearing contact lenses - sooo much more convenient than wearing glasses, especially with all this rain we get and the fact I cycle everyday.

    Recently came across which make up your prescription lenses with a huge choice of colours or designs to choose from which you might be interested in. Might have to try a pink pair myself actually. Hah.

    1. Thanks! :)
      And I always buy my contact lenses from there haha :)

  4. I really liked your blog and we have to wear contact lenses because contact lenses are user for correcting vision and changing eye color.


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