Monday, 29 October 2012

3 Current Fave Blogs :)

Hey everyone :)

Despite having a really hectic schedule and a ton of University assignments, I still manage to check out the blogs I follow on here :) And I've found 3 blogs that I really really love reading and I literally check these blogs every single day! (They post frequently if not everyday - perfect!)

1) ErickaJane
I first came across Ericka Jane on Instagram 1 and 1/2 years ago, and I thought she was soooo pretty! I found that she had a blog so I've been following it ever since. She mainly blogs about her life, a bit of fashion... 

Oh, and she's also a singer :) Check out her cover of Jojo - Marvin's Room:

2) Jane Chuckei
I've been following Jane for a while now, but only lately I have been reading her blog much more! I was so surprised that she was a few months younger than me, as she's a model and very popular blogger, appearing in a few music videos. Wow. I've mentioned her before in my Sourcing for Longer Hair post because I looooove her hair! 

3) Sophie Willocq
You may be familiar with Sophie as she is quite a popular blogger and is mentioned a lot by XiaXue, QiuQiu and Yutakis.
I recently watched her video with QiuQiu - Budget Barbie and I really liked the clothes she picked out!  I've only recently followed her blog and I really like it, she's so pretty too!!

~ xoxo


  1. Always great with som new blog tips!

    Stop by soon!

  2. Hey Ravi, I just want to recommend a blog to you. She's Zoe. She's from Hong Kong. umm, I guess you'll enjoy reading her blog. By the way, you can follow her on insta, zoesuen.


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