Monday, 3 September 2012

You know what's annoying?

People who leave hate to other people, and have their profile as 'private' or have nothing on their profile. If you really have something to say, why don't you say who you are, without being anonymous? What? You don't have the balls to do it? Then don't do it!

When people take credit for copying things that you do. I'm talking about people who take your ideas, the ideas that you've worked for hours on, only to rip it off. Especially when it comes to blogging.
I really hate when I make a blog post that is about something that I passionately like or dislike, and then I see someone else have a similar title, or they've taken a couple of lines from my post and added it to theirs. Or like changed themselves completely after reading something that me (or other people) have written.
I don't know how many bloggers or even YouTubers can deal with this!
Knowing that people out there are taking their ideas, or their lines etc. 
People usually say that others follow trends, and only look to those that are popular and try copy them... but why can't you think of your own stuff? It really isn't that hard.

When people make themselves out as the victim, when they're the ones who have caused a lot of problems. Stop. Look at yourself and your actions. If you can't handle being blamed for something, then don't do it. And don't twist it round and blame other people for something that you've done.

People who are only interested in something because money is inolved. I really dislike people that are like this! It's really silly that the goal of money can motivate you.. It's like when people say that they're only blogging for the purpose of making money. So, when you realise that making money only happens when you're hitting tens of thousands of views daily, are you going to give up? 
What happened to doing things because you have a genuine interest in it? Or it is like a passion for you?

Only just a few, as I'm really not in a good mood about all of this now. 

~ xoxo


  1. The people who do those type of things are losers and have low self esteem. That's why they hide behind computers because their own life sucks! You have a great blog and your of course they are going to say mean things some times. Even if they try to steal your ideas people know who it originally came from so don't worry about it. They think your that great that they have to take your ideas. It happens to everyone that starts to become a little popular. You'll get used to it...and soon it won't bother you as much as it does now. RoRos World

    1. Awww thank you Rochelle, I really needed that!! xxx

  2. Wow, I posted a comment in response to what you wrote about train fares & jobs, which you deleted. When i commented on the deletion, you deleted the whole blog entry. Yeah, I know its your blog and can do what you want...but, seriously the comment was meant in good faith.


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