Saturday, 1 September 2012

"Who would ever be interested?"

After posting the entry about ways of Improving your blog, I was asked a couple of questions from friends on Twitter/Facebook. I feel like such an agony aunt right now haha!
So yeah, they were sort of questions based on writing stuff to interest others, and getting over fears of blogging about personal life. - Btw I mean personal as in like daily life and your opinions on things, not personal as in crushing on your high school teacher wtf.

So my child, you're having doubts about blogging.
Have you ever wanted to blog or write or even say something about a general topic or your opinion on something... but you think no one is interested? Not feeling good enough to write about it?

Snap out of it! BELIEVEEEE in yourself!

I always think that blogs are as good as you make them out to be, like I could be writing about shit. Literally. Like "Guess what I did today, I was walking on the way to university today and I stepped in the most brownest of shit and it was underneath my shoe and I had to wipe it somewhere so I purposely stood on someone elses foot 'by accident'".

See... that was kinda interesting? maybe? Well it was more interesting than "I stood in doog poop today on the way to Huddersfield University."

Do you get what I mean?

You're content doesn't have to be the most thrilling and exciting of topics, but you can make it fun.

Your blog is what you make of it.

I kinda presume that this is what a sales job is like, you know, those people who try and stop you and sell you things. "Oh look at this fragrance! It smells like raspberries and chocolate (when really it smells like shit) and it's absoultey perfect to wear this summer! Just try it! Oooh! It's only £25.99 and we'll throw in this (fugly) travel bag!" Well that's similar.
you're kinda like selling your blog, but you have to believe that it's really good, and then people will also think that too! ;)

But... if you're still struggling to write down those posts that you've already got ideas for because you think no one will be interested...

Just think: 
There are like 7 billion people in this world, most of which have access to the interent (I think). Someone is bound to be interested in your blog! And they'd love to know what your opinions are like.

Do you ever think that celebrities or authors think about what people think? No.. they just go and put themselves out there whether it's on tv or in magazines or internet or writing etc.

Just do it!

And don't be scared :) Believe in yourself!!

You can always get a close friend or family memeber to have a look at your post, and see what they think and offer some constructive criticism? If you really want to.

To make your blogs a liiiiiiiittle bit more interesting, just take a lottttt of photos! Everyone loves photos :) haha!

Even if you want to blog about something you did that day, always try and make the most out of it. Even if it was boring. You don't have to do the most exciting of things to make an exciting blog post. For example you can talk about going to a shopping centre, and take photos of things you want to buy, things you ate, or interesting labels or something.

Just remember:
There isn't a right or wrong to blogging (unless you're just plagiarising other people), so don't be afraid to blog about whatever!
And... if you have something to say (even if you find it boring or uninteresting) JUST DO IT.

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~ xoxo

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